Cabbage Diet—Why Dieters Swear by It?

Cabbage Diet is immensely popular among hardcore dieters because it is deemed as a quick fix solution to weight loss. In fact, Cabbage Diet is considered a miracle in a way because it helps people lose 10 pounds fast, that is, within only a single week. There are several other names of Cabbage Diet such as Cabbage Soup Diet, Model’s Diet, The Dolly Parton Diet, TWA Stewardess Diet and the Mayo Clinic Diet. All these names refer to Cabbage Diet.

But why is it so popular and widely followed?

The simplest answer would be that its fast effect tendency serves as a factor of motivation to lose weight. When people observe high amount of weight loss within a few days, they are compelled to work harder and achieve their weight loss goals within due time.

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Who Invented Cabbage Diet?

As of now there is no particular answer to this query. Who invented this diet plan or since when is it being followed are mysteries that still remain unsolved. The American Dietetic Association (ADA), however, has some idea about its origin. According to ADA it firstly surfaced in the 1950s but it is also possible that it originated way before that. The Doughboy Cabbage Soup, which was so popular during World War I era hints upon the existence of Cabbage Diet in that time.

The Diet Plan:

Dieting Tips and Tricks

It is a pretty straightforward diet plan that is based upon the premise that if you incorporate cabbage soup in large proportions in your daily diet, you will feel fuller and less inclined towards calorie-laden meals. You are allowed to eat specific foods every day throughout the week. You cannot consume alcohol or canned drinks but are required to drink lots of water and unsweetened fruit juice on fruit days. The plan is as follows:

Day 1: Cabbage soup with fruits (avoid bananas)

Day 2: Cabbage soup with one jacket potato and some butter

Day 3: Cabbage soup with fruits and vegetables (avoid potatoes and bananas)

Day 4: Cabbage soup followed by large quantity of skimmed milk and up to 8 bananas

Day 5: Cabbage soup with beef (20 ounces only) and around 4 to 6 tomatoes

Day 6: Cabbage soup with vegetables and larger quantity of beef (avoid potatoes)

Day 7: Cabbage soup + brown rice + unsweetened fruit juice + vegetables (avoid potatoes)

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Benefits of Cabbage Diet:


There are so many diverse benefits of Cabbage diet. It boasts of a treasure trove of vitamin C, which we know that many other fruits and vegetables offer but are those as inexpensive as cabbages are? Not at all!

Cabbage is probably the cheapest of all vegetables that we usually see at grocery stores and it is readily available in all seasons and in all parts of the world. A soup made from cabbage is basically the cheapest metabolism diet that you can follow in this age of inflation and economic recession. So, the biggest benefit of Cabbage diet is that it is dirt cheap and easily accessible. You won’t have to think twice before incorporating cabbage in your diet since it suits all kinds of budgets.

Cabbages are usually underestimated as a vegetable that can be used in salads to achieve the necessary crunchiness. However, cabbage has so much more to offer. It is extremely healthy veggie as it has tons of fiber and of course, the oh-so-important vitamin C. Fiber gives you a sense of fullness without letting your energy reserves down. Vitamin C energizes you and detoxifies your body. So, it’s a win win situation for dieters.

Cabbage soup diet is a good way to cleanse your body after consuming so many types of processed foods and junk items. It thoroughly cleanses your entire body and reduces cravings for refined carbs and sugar as well.

Cabbage diet is very easy to follow in the long run because you can create a big batch of soup and store it in refrigerator. Isn’t it a better option than making juices every day and cleaning up the juicer or preparing dieter’s meals?

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