Clenbuterol Side Effects

What is Clenbuterol?

It is a drug that is illegally used to enhance the stamina Clenbuterol Side Effects also included strengthen the muscles and to reduce the weight. It helps in burning fats and reducing the calories of the body. On the other hand it provides the strength to the muscles of the body. It is used by the majority of the athletes, runners and dancers to raise their stamina dynamically. It is the best way to take the drug instead of doing hard workout, that refreshes you and you never feel any tiredness during the hectic routine day. It will save you from a really hard work out, and enables you to reduce your weight rapidly. It will never give you a tough time while doing the exercise.

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Clenbuterol side effects:

It is the fact of today that all the fat burners and the other type of drugs have some side effects as well. It has side effects that are harmful for the users.

  1. It increases the blood pressure that is known as the Hypertension.
  2. The users feel muscles crams.
  3. It raises the heart rate of the user.
  4. Users face palpitations during the usage of the drug.
  5. The problem of the insomnia can be occurred due to it.
  6. You can have dry mouth, vomiting, and the tremors as well.

Clenbuterol side effects

Long-term side effects of the drug:

There are some long term Clenbuterol side effects that show that it can be harmful for health. It provides the strength to the muscles due to this property it increases the size of the muscle cells of heart. This inelastic material is known as collagen. These cells are dangerous for the performance of the heart by reducing the effectiveness of the organ and blood pumping. It produces the irregular heart beat in the users that is known as arrhythmias. It can produce the aortic enlargement after the exercise that leads to the danger of strokes, aortic rupture suddenly.

It is very risky to use the medicine as a fat burner or stamina riser at regular basis. It has plenty of side effects that are dangerous for the health. On the other hand it increases the risk of the bone fracture due to the bone fragility. Normally it is used for the weight reduction because it is famous for its anabolic and catabolic effects on the body. It is good to lose weight but the Clenbuterol side effects are more dangerous than its advantages.

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