Having An Accountability Partner

Since losing weight is such a difficult step to take and begin doing, it is better to have an   Accountability Partner , possibly one that can double as your workout buddy. Having someone that you not only rely on, but also one that relies on you, too, will encourage you to keep going even during the most difficult parts of your weight loss journey. Choosing a weight loss partner can prove difficult sometimes because you do not want it to be a family member because you could get into family battles and fight. A best friend could be a good idea because they will be blunt with you in regards to when you want to give up. However, they may not lend the most understanding ear when you are trying to push them farther to their weight loss goals. Find that perfect partner can be tough, but once you find them, your weight loss journey goes from difficult and daunting, to fun and challenging.

Most people tend to choose a friend they know throw their best friend as their workout partner due to the fact they are fun and easy to get along with, but the pressure of maintaining a best friendship is not there. Once you both agree to be workout partners, you devise a weight loss chart and plan out your goals. Maybe you both go and sign up for a gym to workout together before work in the mornings, or you possibly go to a workout class a couple of nights a week and go for hikes in your neighborhood parks. The important thing is to do stuff that you both enjoy because you need to enjoy the losing weight part, too.

Having An Accountability Partner

Another key thing to do with your accountability partner is have weight check-in dates. Maybe you guys weigh in twice a month and go out for protein shakes afterwards to discuss the hardships of weight loss, but also the rewards that come with it, like dropping two pants sizes and having more energy. As long as you guys set up a couple of days a month to meet up outside of the gym and your workout areas, your friendship should stay strong, and so should the pride in your hard work.

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A final treat to having a workout partner is that you guy can have treats for each other once you hit your weight loss goal, like a gallon of ice cream to share between the two of you, or a weekend trip to Las Vegas to celebrate and show off your new bodies. Depending on your sizes before, you should both hit your goals together because you began the journey together. The best part is that even after you hit your goals and partake in your end weight treats, you guys can continue to work out together and keep each other accountable for staying healthy and alert. Due to getting an accountability partner, you gained a friend for life while losing extra weight.

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