How many grams of protein in an egg

Egg is known as the super food that has miracle properties. Are you know How many grams of protein in an egg contains  amount of protein and some other food components. Egg whites are responsible for a great amount of nutrients as compared to the egg yolk. Eggs are helpful during the period of dieting and the boiled egg white provides you sufficient amount of energy in the breakfast if you are on the diet plan. On the other hand the egg whites are very low calorie food that helps in fat burning. It contains vitamin D that is very important to support the bone structure of the body. It prevents the body from the chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

How many grams of protein in an egg?


It is the real mean of energy due to the nutrients that it contains. One hard-boiled egg contains 6.29g of proteins. This amount of protein is distributed both in egg yolk and egg white. It is the good source of protein, saturated fats and assortment of fatty acids. It assists to clean the colon and excess fluid from the body. It removes toxin from the body in a natural way and provide the diuretics. It provides the water to the kidneys to keep them in working condition. It helps to improve the hormonal function and the other body chemicals. Many people want to know how many grams of protein in an egg?

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Nutrients Egg Yoke Egg white
Vitamin B12 0.3mg 0mcg
Vitamin E 0.4 0mcg
Vitamin A 245IU 0IU
Fat 4.5g 0g
Protein 2.7g 3.6g
Cholesterol 0.21mg 0mg


Importance of the protein:


It contains high amount of protein that is an essential component for the better function of the body. Nails and hair are composed of protein; it helps in building and repairing the tissue. It is used to produce hormones, enzymes and other important chemicals of the body. It is very useful in building muscles, bones and cartilage, blood and skin. Eggs help to reduce the appetite and decrease the temptation towards food. It is the real and effective source of protein for the people who do not eat animal products or eat little.

  1. It helps in improving the functions of hormones.
  2. It provides calm to your blood.
  3. It is foods with less calorie  that provides complete energy and weight reduction plan.

These are very delicious and full of healthy nutrients. These are the true mean to improve the health in many terms.

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