How to get rid of razor bumps around the bikini area

Razor bumps will easily show up after a shave – and they have no manners as they show up even around the bikini area, what a disservice! Razor bumps consist of hairs that do not grow above the skin, but they grow under the skin. This will result in lumps of flesh that are usually swollen and reddened. Well, they can come because of numerous reasons, especially if you use an old razor or do the shaving the wrong way. With the sensitivity of this region, here are a few quick tips on how to get rid of razor bumps around the bikini area.

What causes razor bumps

When you shave the bikini area it will also remove the top layer which creates NYC-base dermatologists, and micro-injuries. It is the cause of burning, irritation, dryness, and redness. Shaving dry skin also leads you to razor bumps and burns. Shaving your bikini with a dull blade, not moisturizing are also the main reasons behind the razor burns.


How to get rid of razor bumps fast


Prevention is better than cure – do you better get it right in the first place. If you have been using one razor for multiple shaves, the problem starts here. Ensure that you change your razor and use a new razor for every shave.  Ensure that you are shaving the hairs in the right manner, reversing the procedure will definitely get you on the wrong foot. Also, ensure that you have the right shaving cream and apply the right aftershave immediately after shaving. This will minimize the possibility of any bumps occurring.

Choose cotton pants or breathing clothes. While wearing tight synthetic clothes may seem pleasant and fashion like, it is actually not the right way to do it. Keeping your hair regions or any other part of the skin too tight and under poorly-aerated fabrics will force a change in the way the hair grew and behave. Ensure you use cotton garments that will ensure the free circulation of hair and promote healthy hair growth. This, in turn, minimizes the chance of razor bumps appearing.

Here are some useful ways to get rid of razor bumps around your bikini area:

  • Moisturize well:Mistering is the key and you should moisturize quickly after shaving, especially when you see razor bumps. The micro-injuries need hydration balm for healing.
  • Go cold: Always splash cold water on your razor bumps quickly, it will help to soothe and shrink your skin.
  • Apply aftershave product: Aftershave products help to minimize the burns caused by the razor. Use any good brand of aftershave to minimize the razor burns.
  • Apply Cortisone cream: Cortisone cream help you prevent the irritation and it soothes your skin. Aftershave moisturize your skin and then use cortisone cream on the top.
  • Aloe up:If you love natural products, aloe Vera is best for you. Aloe Vera hasthe ability to heal the whole host issues, and razor burns.

Treatment about how to get rid of razor bumps

Witch hazel is a very strong anti-septic that naturally encourages proper hair growth and prevents any abnormal hair growth aftershaves.  To get the better of it, clean the affected area, preferably with warm wate. It will also help to reduce irritations as well as redness in the affected area.

Aspirin has also been found to be a vital alternative to the majority of the remedies in treating razor bumps. To use, take two teaspoons of warm water in a cup. Place two pieces of aspirin in the cup and allow it to dissolve until it forms a slow-flowing paste. Clean the affected area and use a clean piece of cloth to apply a thin sheet of the paste on it. Allow it to stay for two to three hours then rinse off with clean water.

Hydrocortisone cream is known for its effective anti-inflammatory effects that also help soothe irritated skin.  The cream is sold in the majority of the drug stores and can be bought for multiple reasons. To use this cream, wash off the area with warm water and use a clean cloth to apply it evenly.

Hot compresses are effective at opening skin pores to free trapped hair and ensure that it grows above the skin. Use a clean towel and dip in boiling water before pressing it on the affected region repetitively.

Razor Bumps Presentations

Best Razor

Here are some useful tips to prevent razor bumps in the future:

  • Use Sharpe blade:Use a very clean and Sharpe blade to prevent razor bumps around bikini area.
  • Use shaving gel: Never forget to use shaving gel, shaving gel helps you catch all hairs in a single pass, it will prevent the like hood of ingrown hairs and razor bumps.
  • Use warm water: Wet your skin with warm water and add gentle soap. It will help you clean the skin and soften it.
  • Use razor carefully: Bikini area is very sensitive and you have to use razor very carefully and gently to prevent and razor bumps and burns.

Final Words:

The razor bumps not cause any serious health issues but the appearance looks very bad and it can affect your confidence level. If you are trying to treat razor bumps with home remedies and its not working must consult a doctor for other options.It can be treated with laser hair treatment or special skin creams.

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