How to get Skinny

Skinny means thin, lean and slim body structure. To lose your weight, no doubt is difficult but not impossible. If you want to lose your weight, you have to maintain your diet. You can get skinny gradually through diet and exercise. Fat can removed slowly with the help of morning exercise. There are some tips for How to get skinny. For weight lose you can join gym. The machinery that placed in gym does best work for your body. It can really reduce your body weight.

Plan your diet:

You should plan your diet for removing extra fat from body. Skinny women avoid drinking sodas, alcoholic drinks and beverages. To get a slim structure you should drink only water. Stop to drink all types of alcoholic drinks because these can increase your calories. For weight lose you should drink water 8-10 glass per day.

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Prefer Vegetables and Fruits:

Eat vegetables and fruits that make you strong and healthy. Fruits and veggies did not increase your weight due to high fibers in it. So they cannot get fat because it kills your hunger very soon. Avoid eating sweets, dairy products and bakery products. You should eat 4-6 meals every day after every 2-3 hours. Like this way you cannot get fat because after some time you should not feel much hungry. Your calories should be 1200-1800 per day. Stop eating when you feel that your stomach is full. Overeating can produce more fat.  Getting skinny in fact is not a diet plan; it is just a way or rule of life. You should make rules for maintain your life. You should focus on what you will eat, instead of what you would not to eat. It will make you know How to get skinny.


Exercise is the second most important thing in your life. It is very important to add exercise in your daily life because it is the perfect way that will make you fit by improving your BMR. The rate of the metabolism is increased by the exercises


Morning walk always makes you healthy and wise. Walking is the way that is used to burn the maximum calories from your body. It will let you know that How to get skinny. Make the habit doing some kind of work out that will help to raise your metabolism. It is the best way to burn the fats.

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