How To Keep Pushing

During a part in everyone’s weight loss journey, they question if it is worth continuing on during the toughest times. There will be days where you just do not want to go to the gym, or give in and grab a cheeseburger after work, or even go a month or two without working out. However, as long as you pick back up and  Keep Pushing  going, you are still successful in your goals. Here are five tips on how to Keep Pushing  going when you are feeling completely defeated.

  1. Remember why you started: If the reason you decided to start losing weight was because you had twenty pounds leftover after having your first baby, or because you have a wedding coming up. Whatever the reason, keep that in the forefront of your mind during the worst parts of your workout.
  2. To prove to yourself that you can: Maybe you are the type of person who usually picks up a hobby but then drops it and quits after a couple of days. Perhaps you have attempted working out and dieting several times in the past, but something has always gotten in your way and so you gave up. Let this time be different for you. Prove to yourself that you are able to finish something that you start. If that isn’t enough to keep you going then I do not know what could be.
  3. Pick out something that you really want to buy after you meet your goal: We are a selfish nation, and sometimes there is nothing wrong with that. If it is going to be difficult for you to keep pursuing your weight loss, then pick out something really expensive and cool to buy yourself after you reach your goal weight. Having an incentive will make your heart flutter every time you think about it.

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  1. Get a gym membership: Nothing will get you out of your workout rut than spending money on what is proving to be super difficult to do at the time. By forcing yourself to spend money monthly on a gym membership, you will keep your workout goals, and also be around people who will motivate you to keep going when you are feeling low. Also, gym memberships tend to come with awesome benefits like a juice bar and a free sauna. You can refresh and relax there after a workout.
  2. Take a day off to rejuvenate: This may seem like the opposite thing that you should do if you are going through an anti-workout slump, but by taking just one day off a week or month, depending on how often you need to take a break, can fix your mood about the trial you are going through. It will give you some quiet time to reflect on your ultimate goals and make you feel a lot better.

Obviously there are going to be times in your weight loss journey that you want to give up and throw in the towel, but if you have incentives to push through and keep going to make it to the finish line, you will feel ten times better about yourself than you did before deciding to lose weight. Just take it one day at a time and push through the bad days with a smile and a push up.

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