What Is The Noom Diet? Reviews and Explanation

Very well said: “A healthy body houses a healthy brain

In today’s world who is not attracted and affected by outer looks. A great personality is nothing until complimented with a great body. Or you can say that there is nothing like a great personality in a flabby shabby body.

You admit it or not! But once in a lifetime at least you would have seen a click of your celebrity and after having a deep breath. You would have said, we don’t afford such an attractive body as it needs a personal trainer and some expensive meals. Then came into being THE NOOM APP. Want to know what is The Noom Diet?

If you are a fitness freak you must have heard about this personal trainer kind of diet plan app. And if you already know or just figuring out what a Noom diet is ? This is the right place to get answers to your queries like : Which one is better noom vs weight watchers? What is noom weight loss speed?

What is Noom Diet?

Noom is not actually a diet plan but its lifestyle modification, that is an app you can simply install in your mobile phone or tablet. They work on behavioural changes more than mere diet restrictions.

This app offers you with :

Modification Challenges & Information

They motivate the users to adopt a healthy lifestyle and promote them to adopt behavioral changes. Moreover they arrange a set of challenges and arrange some goals to adopt some healthy habits. And also educate the users to manage stress that they counter while that lifestyle modification. 

Tools To Be Updated

They don’t just suggest diet plans and exercise regime but also are very helpful in a way that you can track your progress as well. So when you are informed about your progress  you stay updated and motivated to achieve your goal of a perfect and healthy body.

Work As Community

This app actually is based on human psychology and is well aware that teamwork boosts the working ability. So construct a team where you are allotted a Coach, Group leader and a whole group of supportive people. This group helps you to stay tuned and motivated towards your goal. Moreover if you are facing some sort of struggle and queries you are not left alone. So this app practically works as your trainer team.

Health Monitoring Tools

Like a perfect training team they offer you some basic medical assistance as well with the help of biometrics. They keep you informed about your blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Note: It’s A paid app and they offer a trial version at as low as $ 1. I recommend trying the trial version before paying for the whole month.

Noom is a paid app to assist you in weight loss with the help of psychological training, personalized diet plan and some tracking tools.
Work no Philosophy of Noom Diet?

Noom like all other diet plans promotes weight loss by consuming more and taking less calories.

In this way the calorie deficit ends up in weight loss. When your body is burning more and providing less calories to your body it starts burning fat for proper functioning.

So the phenomenon of losing weight is approximately the same in every diet plan. Only the methodology differs.

Personal Trainer

Noom is sort of your personal trainer in a way that it  treats you as an individual with a different age, different gender and a different problem. So they consider all these factors and also answer your specific personalized questions related to your lifestyle. And a series of lifestyles you need to adopt.

Individual Trainer

It tries to understand your individual problem like what is your current weight? and what is your required weight to lose? In this way it formulates a goal for you. Moreover it also considers your desired time frame and with its algorithm it generates an individual calorie plan for you within your certain calorie budget.

Don’t Starve But Make It Healthy

Another great thing about noom is it doesn’t believe in starving you. It’s also taking care of your health and your body requirements so don’t prescribe a diet plan with too low calories. Their prescribed minimum required calories for women are 1200 and for men are 1400.

Food Logging

Noom promotes the habit of food logging, in this way you are going to mention each in everything you eat or drink in your food log. Moreover you are going to share it on NooM in this way you will understand where you are making a mistake. 

Furthermore will suggest a modification or rectification as required after evaluating. Food logging is being encouraged by nutrition trainers and weight loss consultants. So your food logging helps in the proper functioning of your Noom diet plan or Noom diet app.

Self Assessment

Noom also encourages you to weigh yourself and measure yourself on a daily basis. These two methods of food blogging and self assessment keep you updated and motivated about your goal. When you assess each and every thing you eat and each and every change it is bringing to you that is actually a behavioral modification. This modification helps you to lose weight more effectively and continuously.

Team Involvement 

Moreover it’s a whole community and team work involved in this virtual setup. when I can vinati is working on something you’re not alone and when you are not alone you are more focus on your goal so I hope now you understand the word philosophy of no.

Noon is an app based on artificial intelligence. Which calculates your lifestyle, your calorie intake, your calorie requirements. And then suggests an effective diet plan and keeps you motivated as well.
Is Noom Really Effective? Noom Diet Plan Reviews 2020

Now the most frequent question being asked is, is Noom really effective? As we all know now that it’s a weight loss app working with deficit calories. And when you stick to Noom, do you get the results as well ? Is this app worth spending those bucks they ask for? So let’s check some real Noom Reviews and figure out the answer.

(The identity and real names of the reviewers will not be disclosed)

A Young Lady Of 32 Year Age Said :

“Hello everybody I think I need to post my opinion regarding the Noom app. As I was just passing by few real bad reviews so I think I need to add my own experience as well. My experience with Noon started almost two weeks back and that is very positive ! They actually assigned me a Goal specialist and he was so concerned that he kept an eye on each in everything for the whole week. 

Guided me how I should do it and  kept on checking how I am doing it? In the beginning I was a bit afraid of the weight machine but soon they helped me to incorporate scales. Food Logging is also fun, sometimes I do it manually and sometimes do it with barcodes, both are interesting.The way they have broken food groups into different colours is also interesting.

They promote me to eat red color as well.Their payment modules are also very clear. I was using weight watchers priorly and in price range noom vs weight watchers. Noom is really less expensive as compared to weight watchers. Noom is a great motivator in building a healthy relationship with healthy food   ”

A pharmacist said:

“I like this food in the beginning but sticking to this diet for the whole six long weeks. I don’t think that it is possible. I had really bad issues with food colours, like I was always confused.That which fall in the red category of food and  which in yellow and where the green one lies. I don’t think it makes real good sense.”

An old man of 80 years said:

I think this is a miraculous app as help me to lose 90 lbs in a small time period of 12 months I am posting this comment when I reached my weight goal of almost 160 lbs and I am quite happy with this app charges also in nominal but I think there should be more clear

A working 52 year old lady said:

It is the transformer only in two months my 15 lbs is gone and I really feel 10 years younger than my real age. I think Noom is worth what they ask for!

Another college going boy said:

“My targeted time period was 7 months. I was thinking to lose weight in 7 months but achieved my set goal in only 5 months.It is real quick in efficacy, 45 lbs in 5 months.I am  still not believing it. I look far more handsome and better than ever. I feel so more energetic and I didn’t have to frustrate myself as well. I just love the way they tell you about the calories and allow you to eat that much which satisfies your hunger and doesn’t starve you at all.”

A teen ager school girl said:

“The colours are so confusing I came to know that Ramen lies in the green food category. Is it sane or insane? Moreover I don’t think so there is something which I should eat as much as I like to eat I don’t like to eat it it all”


To draw a real review about the efficacy of the Noom aap almost 30000 plus users of this app were reviewed. Almost 78% out of those users experienced positive results. They got these results with the effects of continuous 9 months efforts. The other 20% experienced almost 10% of weight loss and that was quite better than the starting weight.

Only a few complaints about the tricky part of color groups and food logging. But it is for sure functional!

Note: There are no proven results regarding Noom Vs weight Watchers. But when it comes to finances Noom is comparatively cheaper than weight watchers.
Pros And Cons Of Noom Diet

Pros of Noom Diet:

Your Health Comes First

when you are following the Noon diet you are actually emphasising on your calorie density. So you are deeply concerned about the calories produced by a certain volume of weight of the food you are putting in your stomach.

For this calorie calculation this program relies on a very interesting style of colour segregation. it divides the food in three different groups of colours according to their calorie content nutrition content and fibre content.

For instance if a food is high in nutrients low in calories and dense with fibre it will fall into the green category. Furthermore if food is rich in calories low in nutrients and high in fats it will fall in the red colour category.Then it comes to yellow it is actually the moderate side yellow group  foods are not too high in fats not too low in calories they fall in the middle.

So if you have chosen your meal from the green group that is rich in fibre and water content like different vegetables and fruits. You can take them in good quantities. But if your selection is from the red side of the chat you need to be conscious and have to rely on little amounts.

The red group mostly consists of some fatty foods like fatty fish or some nuts and butters and sweets. your all desserts cakes and brownies all such foods which are heavy in fats, sugars and carbohydrates fall in the red category.

So if you are having a pizza slice you will have to cut the rest real short and only from the green group.

Weight loss is achieved without compromising on your body health.

Eat less ,Eat All

Another great thing about noom diets is that they don’t restrict you from any food group. Yes unlike all other diets that are highly in trend nowadays. Noom don’t restrict  you from any food group.

You are allowed to take fats, you are allowed to take carbohydrates, you are allowed to take sugar. What you need to do is the real behaviour and lifestyle modification. And that is to eat only as much as your body can consume.

In several diets. The sugars are restricted, Do you know leaving sugars all together can cause different behaviour disorders, eating disorders, mood swings etc. In noom you are not forced to leave a particular food group because that is not natural and that can’t be forever in your lifestyle.

whenever you will start eating the sugar again, or you will start eating the fats again, you will put on weight again. What you need to learn is how to deal with all these food nutrients keeping them in your diet in a moderate way. Moreover, still losing weight and making your body healthy and fit forever.

Noom provides a proper library of recipes and guidelines promoting interesting and low calorie food recipes. If you have any kind of allergies they still offer a whole gallery form that you can get great ideas and recipes to resolve allergy issues. So what you need to do is to stay in your calorie but the rest of things you don’t need to worry about.

Help you to lose weight forever in the most natural way, without depriving you of any food group.

Permanent solution

Another big plus point of noom diet is its long term effect. It is observed in other diets when you stop following the program your weight bounces back badly. Moreover,  in a few cases it is observed that the reversal is even worse as your weight comes back with some extra kgs.

But in noom that is not the case because noom is  not only working on your diet but also providing you with a psychological treatment. They are not promoting some very low calorie diet plan but they are promoting a healthy diet plan.

They encourage you towards self evaluation, goal setting, attaining that goal and adopting healthy habits. It’s a kind of health education where you are not only learning how to lose weight but you are learning how to stay healthy and fit. When you have learnt by practicing and you have observed the results by self assessment it is easy to continue it. As it’s not a short term plan it’s a lifestyle change. 


It is observed in a study that almost out of 36000 noom users 78% users didn’t get their weight back even after 9 months of leaving the app. And continuing  the lifestyle but we don’t have any records after 9 months, but 9 months are not too low to form a conclusion.

Weight loss with a Noon diet is kind of permanent and doesn’t bounce back easily.As it is a behavioural modification not just a diet plan.

Cons Associated With Noom Diet 

Noom is no doubt a great app to help you in your weight loss but like all other diet plans it does have some downsides as well.

Calorie Restriction

When you are intending to lose weight even in Noom you have to track your calories and you are restricted from eating too much. If you are already addicted to eating, that restricted calorie count can cause you mood swings or some other eating disorders.

You might have a problem with its calorie restriction.

Budget Issues

Another concern can be the pricing because this app is not available for free. You have to pay a minimum amount of almost 44.99 Dollars per month. That is not too low and a few of you may have some issues of setting this much money in your budget.

But if you are working at such a place where they offer you some health and wellness benefits. You can talk to the HR officer and he might arrange finances to deal with this downside and when you can afford it it’s good.

This app is not for free and 44.99 dollars is not too low for all.

Need WiFi And Mobile

It is a completely virtual setup and you can’t use or install this app without a smartphone or tablet. Moreover, to use it properly you always need Wi-Fi access.So the limited accessibility can also be evaluated or calculated as a con

You can’t use this app without wifi and a smartphone.

Virtual Not Real

In noom app, you are going to have virtual access to your coaches anr goal steers. You can’t have face-to-face contact with them. Though it doesn’t matter much as they answer all your queries and questions. Even help you in stress management by continuously replying you on messenger.

But still if you prefer face-to-face meetings and you are not very good in virtual chat  this might be a downside for you. But a few studies conducted in this regard proved that people were more comfortable to talk with virtual couches instead of face to face meetings. As they don’t have to reveal their identities .But again there is a point that one of these studies was conducted by the company so how reliable we can’t say.

It’s a kind of virtual world so if you want a face to face interaction that can be a con as well.
Food Segregation With Colors

Let’s check out which foods you should avoid and which used foods you should welcome according to the noom diet. let’s discuss it according to the colour groups

Green Group Foods

Green group offers plenty of fruits like bananas, blueberries, apples, watermelon, and strawberries.

You are allowed to have vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, onions, salad, and carrots.

In dairy you are allowed to have Skimmed Milk, Cheese Sticks, and even some good quantity of Greek yogurt without fat. 

In starchy vegetables you can have squash chips, sweet potatoes, parsnips and beets.

In whole grains you have a long list starting from oatmeals, whole grain cereals, brown rice, whole grain tortilla, whole grain bread, whole grain pasta, whole grain pita.

In beverages you can have unsweetened tea and coffee; these are all green group food items.

Yellow Group Foods

Let’s check the yellow group now, I also say it is a protein group indeed. As it offers lean meats, like lamb meat, grilled chicken, beef, and Turkey. 

You can have a variety of sea foods like tuna, scallops, tilapia and salmon.

You can have some dairy like, low fat milk, Greek yoghurt, and low fat cheese.

Legumes and seeds are also added in this yellow group. You can have lentils, you can have soybeans, pinto beans, chickpeas and quinoa.Moreover, white rice pasta,and  white bread are also in the yellow group.

Red Group Food

Red roof is a bit nasty one as it has heavy calories, For meats red group offer  fried meats, sausages, hamburgers, and your favourite hot dogs. 

Nuts and butter are also included in the red group, as  your almond butter, peanuts, peanut butter, walnuts all fall in the red group.

Desserts like cakes, chocolates, pastries, cookies, and candies etc. all these are your red color foods. Your snack foods like french fries, your snack bars and your energy bars all are red group foods.

Moreover, if you love to dress your salad with some rich dressings or some melted butter keep in mind there are also red group foods.

All your beverages which are high in sugar like wine, gold rings and use their red group foods.

 Noom offers a dietary chart maintenance that is based on color segregation according to calorie and nutrition density.

Take Away:

If you want lifestyle modification, and want to get rid of your excessive weight forever by adopting some healthy habits. And some proper education along with some psychological treatment related to weight loss regime. Noom is a good option if you are ready to spend some money. Its efficacy is proven with several noom diet plan positive reviews. It’s easy and it’s easy and effective.

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