What should my weight be

It is the common question of today that what should my weight be? Regular use of the healthy diets and doing work outs are very helpful in maintaining the healthy life style. It contains many benefits that are helpful to improve the functions of the body as well as enhance the immunity against the diseases. Obesity is behind different disorders and the malfunctions of the parts of the body. The other factor is that you must focus on your physical health as well. It will regulate your heart rate to control the fitness and helps to reduce weight by burning your fats. It motivates your metabolism and is cause of burning fats. Morning is the best and the most suitable time for doing workouts or taking the food that boost up your metabolism in this process. In this way you can be able to inhale more fresh and clean oxygen that is helpful for the fats burning. If you are eager to lose your weight quickly, then you are suggested to use these tips.

  1. Honey and Lemon:

An Easy way for Consuming Lemon

Taking honey and lemon in Luke warm water in the morning without taking anything will do the magic in weight reduction.  You will not have to ask the question “what should my weight be”? if you are taking it regularly. It cleanses the excretory system very successfully and purifying the pancreas, bladder, kidneys and liver. It is the perfect mean to detoxify because it has all the qualities that make it popular and beneficial for this purpose.

  • It helps to consume the fats and change them into energy.
  • It has the tendency to metabolize the body and make it more energetic.
  1. Eating or chewing Fennel seeds

The use of fennel seeds in indigestion is very common by chewing few seeds. It helps in eliminating the bad breath and reducing the digestion problems. It provides the enough amount of fiber that is beneficial for weight reduction as well reducing the cholesterol level in the blood stream.

  • Take some fennel seeds in some water.
  • Boil the water by covering it.
  • You can use this water it has no taste but little aroma.
  • Drink it to recover the indigestion problems.
  1. Eat food rich in Calcium and Vitamin D

It is very important to eat the food that is rich in vitamin D and calcium. It is the real source to burn the fats and is used for weight reduction.

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