Which Milk Is Best For Weight Loss In Days?

Hey, Fellows, I hope you have landed on this page as you are a fitness freak just like me… hmmm so concerned to lose weight… but wanna be healthy too and milk is a must component to stay healthy. So it can’t be missed while in your craze of losing weight Right? So let’s check which is the best milk for weight loss in days?

Yes, it is very much possible that you lose weight while you enjoy your tasty, healthy, and refreshing milk, let’s check it out which milk is that? 

Buffalo or Cow, which milk is better to add in your weight loss diet plan? Actually too many options make your decision difficult. In this article, I will make it easy for you to decide and choose your favorite milk and that still be good enough to add-in your journey to weight loss.

First of all, we need to understand the basic mechanism to lose weight. You need to consume fewer calories in comparison to the ones you are having. When your body will not get that much fuel which is required to pursue its functioning. It will definitely consume from its fats deposits and that will help you to lose weight.

The other mechanism is to boost your metabolism for that you need to add such foods and herbs that can intensify the functioning of your system. But the only factor that can be alarming is that when your metabolism is fast that may heat up the system. 

And you believe it or not but the old wisdom says that in such conditions you need to have something soothing in your stomach. So What else can be more soothing for you than some milk, but now the question is  Which Milk Is Best For Fat Loss?

So I guess now we have enough good reasons to update our knowledge about milk. Moreover,  Which milk is best for weight loss of cows or buffalo? And if milk is not your type you must want to know Which Milk Alternative Is Best For Weight Loss. Because weight loss is or not your concern but definitely milk is your body’s need. So let’s get to the point and update our Milk knowledge.

Which Milk Is Best For Weight Loss Cow Or Buffalo?

When it comes to milk it definitely is a wonder drink. Full with all the essential health nutrients, like calcium, protein, carbohydrates, Vitamins, Fats, and Minerals. And these all things in one drink make it a perfect health drink.

Cow and buffalo milk both are the most common types of milk being consumed for long. Both are good for health and when you want to have milk as a health drink. You can go with any choice but if you are looking for a weight loss option then certainly, you need to check out the nutrition facts. Here to make your choice easier and simpler let’s check this comparison between Cow and Buffalo milk so you can make your weight loss regime accordingly.

  • If you are looking for a low-fat option then Cow milk is your choice as it has low-fat content as compared with the buffalo milk. Moreover, cow milk is easy to digest due to low-fat content.
  • Buffalo milk is a better option for sweet dishes like custard, ras malai or creamy kulfi, and so on. But all these options aren’t definitely good for weight loss so for those who want to opt low-fat regime, definitely, cow is your choice.
  • If you have a lack of preserving opportunities then I suggest buffalo milk is a good option for you. Because cow milk should be consumed within no more than 1 to 2 days.
  • Due to higher protein and fat levels in buffalo milk, they are higher in calories as well. so cow milk is actually your low cal option.
  • Cow milk has higher water content and low solid content. It’s better to keep you hydrated and that again is good for weight loss.
  • If high protein levels are your concern and you are going on a high protein diet.Than buffalo milk is a better choice as it is rich in protein as compared to cow milk.
  • Buffalo milk is not only high in fats but also rich in other components like calcium, phosphorus, minerals, and even potassium.

This comparison is good enough to make your choice and add the milk which suits your diet plan.


If you are looking for low fat and less calorie option between both the Cow and buffalo milk, Cow milk has a lower fat content and more water content. That makes it a better choice to add to your Low-Fat regime.

Which Milk Alternative Is Best For Weight Loss? 

Soy Milk

Soy milk is a very famous alternative to milk being consumed for decades. So let’s discover some of its pros and cons. The good thing about soy milk is that this drink can provide you a good catch up with your protein and calcium intake. And the bad thing is it’s not as much as you can get from Cow’s milk but still having something is better than having nothing.

Soy milk is a great option to lose fat as it’s free of any saturated fat which will give you good nutrition value still keeping you on track to lose weight. I have observed that most people look for milk alternatives due to lactose intolerance which makes it tough to digest. With soy milk, you are safe from lactose issues as it doesn’t contain any. Moreover, if the taste is your concern you have several flavored options in the market. 

The cons related. to soy milk is an assumption that it might cause cancer with its potential to affect breast cells. But this is just a hypothesis and doesn’t have many solid standings. But still this something worth considering.


Soy milk is a good alternative to dairy milk rich in calcium and protein and low in fats that can add up a nutrition kick to your weight loss plan. It’s good for lactose intolerance and good for digestion as well. The only downside is its assumption to be cancer-causing.

Almond Milk

The milk alternatives are getting popular day by day, the things that were limited to health stores only are now available anywhere in grocery stores. But natural is natural and keep it in mind while going for your milk alternatives to make sure that they have some natural source. 

Almond milk is a good alternative to milk with its natural source but Almond milk is not a very good option for fat loss freaks as it has the same fat ration as in buffalo milk. But when the score on taste deal is counted obviously almond milk with its yummy nutty flavor is a winner. So if the taste is your concern and fat is not the issue.

The downside of Almond milk is its protein content that is actually low as compared to the other alternatives like Soy, actually only 1 gram protein in one cup of milk. Almond milk doesn’t offer a good amount of b complex and vitamins as well. Beware that if you have allergies from nuts then you will have allergy from almond milk as well.


Almond milk is a tasty and healthy alternative to daisy milk but as it’s high in fat content, not advisable to add in your low-fat regime. Until you are following some high fat and low carb diet like Keto. For a low carb and high in the fat diet, it’s a good choice to go along. Moreover, its taste is awesome as well.

Flax Hemp Milk

This milk is fastly making its place in the market as a good alternative to dairy milk. Hemp milk is one of the best milk alternatives being obtained from plant sources. Easily available in the market and can be produced at home by just blending the hemp seeds with water. You can satin the mixture and here you go with your homemade version of Flax Hemp Milk.

In commercial packaging, they might add some sweeteners and thickeners for better taste, even if made at home you will find it nutty and tasty to have. Now let’s check out the nutrition values of this milk so we can decide whether it’s a good option to add in our weight loss regime or not.

This milk is a good alternative to dairy milk with its high protein and healthy fat portion. As compared to almond and rice milk this milk alternative is rich and healthy to have. But if you are looking for a low-fat option I don’t suggest this milk to you.

But the fewer calorie count and the low carbs make it a good option to add to your weight loss diet plan. If you are buying any commercial sort of hemp milk you can even get a few fortified with calcium, vitamins, and phosphorus. Moreover, the protein type in hemp milk is filled with amino acids that make it easy to digest and perfect for the human body.

Moreover, it’s a great solution for those with lactose intolerance or gluten allergy as this milk is free from all. This milk option is great for your heart health and will contribute to your skin betterment as well.


Hemp flax milk is a great source for protein and healthy fat from plants, being low in calories you can add it to your diet plan for weight loss. This is easy to digest and free from lactose and gluten. It can be made at home or for some flavor additions you can look for some commercial production.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is another popular alternative of dairy milk, this milk is made from the flesh of a mature coconut. I want to clear a misconception where people confuse coconut milk with coconut water. Coconut water is the transparent liquid inside the coconut.

Whereas the coconut milk is prepared by grating the coconut flesh and then squeezing it out of cheesecloth. The thin and thick are two varieties of coconut milk. The thick is taken 0ut from the white flesh directly. Whereas the thin one is taken out by squeezing the leftover which has been used to produce the thick coconut milk.

Both types have different nutritional values and fat content. The thick coconut milk has higher fat content, Whereas the thin one is low cal and low fat. The taste value of both is different as well. But both the types are considered as good for weight loss as they contain Mcts (medium-chain triglycerides ) which make it a good medium to generate thermogenesis that is actually a heat-generating process. That is very effective in weight loss due to the boost it offers to the metabolism. 

Due to its high-fat content, few researchers proposed it to be a threat to heart health. But later it was revealed that coconut fat is an actually good fat that helps to reduce LDL levels in the blood, LDL is actually bad cholesterol. Moreover, it supports the body to get higher-good cholesterol levels that are HDL which are good and supportive of heart health. 

If you are looking for an immunity boost believe me that the coconut milk with its lauric acid addition is a perfect health tonic. I suggest don’t look into its higher calorie count while making your diet plan. As nutritionists have observed, if you had one coconut milk in the morning it will reduce your rest day intake.

While in other milk alternatives you are not getting such good amounts of minerals and vitamins as you get it with coconut milk. Now let’s check a few downsides of our coconut milk. As they are higher in fats if you will take them in combination with high carbs you gain weight instead of losing.

If you take it in higher quantities it has a possibility to cause you stomach problems and Diarrhea. If you have a coconut allergy even then it’s not good to go.


Coconut milk is a good and healthy alternative to dairy milk, it’s a nice idea to have it in moderate quantities. In a low carb diet, this milk is great to add, as it not only boosts your metabolism but also provides a good boost of minerals and vitamins to your body. But in case of allergy or excess, it might get problematic otherwise good for heart health as well.

Pea Milk


With so many health and choice  issues in the modern times Thank God we have so many alternatives as well. When people have lactose and gluten intolerance and sometimes nuts  allergies in such circumstances pea milk is a great source to fulfill your milk needs. 

Now you might be thinking that almond milk is also a good plant source and milk alternative. But the people who know its production method and waste of water associated with it will not prefer it much.The soy milk is also not preferred by few women under the prevailing threat of disturbed estrogen levels.

In such cases the pea milk emerges as a good and healthy alternative with its high calcium content some believe even more than natural milk, more protein than almond milk  and lots of B12. Yes this much nutrition value is not available in any other milk alternative.

Now you might be confused that this milk might be green in colour and tastes like pea. Be relaxed this milk is neither green nor bad in taste. Moreover, this milk is low in calorie count hence can be good choice for a weight loss routine.The only bad side ever reported about this milk is that it may cause bloating in some cases.


Pea milk is a good substitute for dairy milk. With its high protein content and low calorie count and boosted with multiple minerals and vitamins make it a good choice weight-conscious freaks


Which almond milk is best for weight loss?

If you are looking for almond milk as a good alternative while you are following your weight loss plan. Definitely you should prefer some unsweetened almond milk as it will be low in calories but filled with rest of the desired nutritions. Moreover, while you are trying to lose weight, never only rely  on diet plans but also concentrate on exercising and workouts.So you do lose fat mass and build up muscle mass in this way you will stay healthy and lose weight.

Which milk powder is best for weight loss? 

mostly we have a wrong conception that when you want to lose weight dry or powdered milk can never be an appropriate option to add up in your diet regime.

But that is just a misconception because if you make a wise choice and go for skimmed versions of dry milk. You will get proteins, a good amount of calcium, vitamin D and A from it without indulging in the fear of putting on weight. So skimmed milk is your option to avail while you are on a weight losing mission.


I hope this article will be useful for all those friends who are actually waiting to fit in those clothes. They  are hanging in their wardrobes and waiting for them to get one size smaller.

I hope this article will help you to decide your best option of milk according to the diet plan you are following.

Now you can choose it from your most suitable type of milk after getting detailed info about the nutrition value along with its pros and cons. 

Best of luck with your diet plan but don’t miss milk while designing your diet plan. If you have any allergies, don’t forget that you have so many milk alternatives from plant sources or nutty milks.

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