A quick view of gin and tonic calories

Many people love to indulge in drinking – whether that manes serial alcoholics or doing it for leisure and being socially responsible. Whichever way, alcoholic drinks are great antagonists with healthy weight balance, especially if you drink a little too many. Most of the alcohols come with a heavy dose of the calories – placing them in the way of healthy weight maintenance – especially the common kinds of beers and other regular cocktails.  It is worth noting that calories are literally empty and devoid of any nutritional value – but even then the body prioritizes their processing ahead of fats – making them a serious setback for those on weight loss plans. That said it is worth looking at the gin and tonic calories to see if they are any better or still pose potent health risks.

Low calorie alcoholic drinks :


Many of the regular alcoholic drinks do posses some vitamins and minerals with them – but these are too low in their contents to make any significant contribution to dietary plans. Still, it remains common nutritional knowledge that alcoholic drinks only minimize their harm if they are consumed with great moderation – a deviation from this would otherwise break the glass on your head.  However, gin and tonic have been fronted as a better alternative to those keen not to tip their weight loss plans in the wrong direction – allowing you to enjoy dome indulgence while keeping close watch on the caloric intake.

Gin and tonic reserves its place as the most popular highball cocktail – made as a mixture of gin and tonic water which is best served when poured on ice. The drink has a tradition of coming with a slice of lime or a wedge to that effect, although lemon has often been used as an alternative to lime. Gin and tonic calories are said to be better and friendlier to weight loss plans – because they are generally low and within recommended margins, which majority of the remaining drinks will so easily go over.

Gin and tonic recipe :

Dieting Tips and Tricks

With majority of the bard producing the gin and tonic by mixing 30ml of gin at 4.5% with some 250ml of tonic water – the resulting solution brings you 200 calories, which are much a modest number than what majority of the remaining booze brands would offer.  Remember that premixed gin and tonic when taken full size – 375ml, comes with three hundred and twenty calories, just eighty calories below the upper limit of four hundred.

But what do the rest of the drinks post in comparison to the gin and tonic calories? A mixture of 30ml vodka and and 150ml of soda will give a total calorie yield of 64. White and red wine at 11.5% alcohol contains seventy to one hundred and twenty calories, while red wine standing at 13.5% contains between a hundred and 120 calories in a serving of 150ml. rum and cola boast of a much higher value, where 375 of the drink at 4.6% will gift you two hundred and forty eight calories at the last sip, so why not stick with a glass of gin and tonic?

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