How to Lose Weight within a Month

How to Lose Weight with in  30 days might be considered as dangerous by the health practitioners as it is quite a short time for losing a big chunk of deposited fat from your body. In fact you can start and keep on going ahead without a break and that can help you lose a considerable number of extra pounds in a month. Here we can list 4 ways to inspire you towards a healthy and slim body.

4 Ways on How to Lose Weight

  1. Measure Your Size

Simplest weight loss ever

Finding your new measurement every couple of days is highly effective on your pace of work outs or diet restrictions. Measure your waist, shoulders, biceps and thighs from time to time. The progress even if half a centimeter or more means that you have achieved something and can achieve more with your determination and right techniques.

  1. Share with Friends

Share with Friends

Among your friends and acquaintances there are many who would be delighted to know that you are trying to get smarter.Their encouraging remarks and useful tips can be a great source of inspiration. Share with them your achievements and show your willingness to improve.

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  1. Set a Goal

Set a Goal

Healthy rate of weight loss is 1-2.5 lbs per week. Set yourself goal of losing around that number in a week. Setting a goal keeps you looking ahead and do not feel bored or think of quitting.

  1. Record the Changes

Record the Changes

Keep a diary or make an online diary to right down the positive changes happening in your body. You can take snapshots of yourself also while working out or wearing a new dress with your smarter figure to improve your confidence.

Now let us brief the actual process of weight loss which comprises of 4 essential programs.

  1. Diet


Your diet needs to be given the attention on priority basis. Stop eating empty calories which are found in abundance in junk food. Cut down on sugary and starchy food. You need fiber, vitamins, protein and minerals to remain healthy and smart. So focus on eating salad with every meal and taking 2-3 seasonal fruits every day. If you like milkshake, use low-fat milk and do not add sugar. White meat is better than red meat and grains like beans, lentils, and soy is ideal for getting proteinand fiber.

  1. Meals


Instead of taking 3 large meals a day take 6 short meals comprising of a medium amount of food that do not make you feel full and lazy but keeps you active and satisfied. Short meals digest easily and are less likely to cause over weight.

  1. Water


Water is a great source for burning fat especially if you drink when you needlessly crave for an extra snack between the meals. Drink between the workouts as well and throughout the day drink above 3-4 liters of water.

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  1. Exercise


Doing regular exercise stamps on your success of the weight loss program. Start from the simplest of the moves and gradually increase. Walking especially briskly walking is the best exercises that guarantees you normal blood pressure, strong cardiac health, smooth blood flow, clean and glossy skin, agility and optimum metabolism.

So go on with your plans for better health and ideal weight with these highly useful tips and live longer and happier.

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