Take Simple Steps – Way to Skinny

You know that you want to know Way to Skinny and  losing weight, but the only information you have was found on Pinterest; recipes you will never make, weights you will never want to lift, and Cross fit images that make you sweat just by looking at them. You see all of these beautiful celebrities while browsing through the magazine rack at the grocery store that make you think about putting the Oreos back. What you need to realize is that those men and women on the covers of the magazines work hard to work like that. They spend hours upon hours at the gym and have personal chefs to cook the good stuff for them out of the best ingredients. You can get to that type of gym feel if you so desire, and you can also acquire the most delicious ingredients for the most healthy meal ever created (but probably not the personal chef.) You need to take simple steps if you want to climb the mountain…literally and figuratively.

Take Simple Steps - Way to Skinny

Eat your way skinny :

The first thing you can do to begin a healthy weight loss journey is take a good look inside your refrigerator and pantry and analyze what foods you have in there, and what foods you can bring in–do a complete overhaul of your food. Please do not throw away perfectly good food, though. You can pass it along to friends, or donate it to a homeless shelter. Healthy people do not waste food. Once you do that, you can sit down and make a well thought out grocery list. That way you have put some real, serious thinking into what food you will be bringing into your home. Not only that, but you will not be committing the worst crime of a healthy person–going into the grocery store without having any idea of what you are about to buy. Swap out potato chips for grapes. Replace the normal bread with some gluten free tortillas to make wraps with. Ignore the frozen food aisle and buy fresh vegetables instead of the prepackaged carrots. Food choice is the first simple step you can take to lose weight.

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Another step you can take is literally that; a step. Start walking to work instead of driving (if you live close enough) or you can even ride your bike! And if you don’t have one, get one! Bicycles are a great way to get some fun outside activity in that is still really fun. However, one thing you do not want to do is come on to exercising too strong. You will burn yourself out and the next thing you know you are back on your couch with a bag of extra-buttered popcorn. When I began working out, I started with beginner’s yoga in the morning for about ten minutes, just to get my stretches in pre-workout. Then I would do as many crunches, jumping jacks, and lunges as I could. I would also go for a thirty minute walk every day around the neighborhood. These are just little things you can do to jump start that want to actually work out, because it is really difficult to begin such a daunting activity. These are especially good if you are not a gym person, or these could even be used as goals in order for you to pay for a gym membership. Once you notice the pounds dropping off of your body, you may want to go show off how many miles on a treadmill you can run!

Take Simple Steps - Way to Skinny

Beginning a weight loss journey can be hard, especially in today’s society where we see a fast food restaurant every time we drive down the street. But if you begin with really easy steps, you will begin to see results and that will give you the inspiration to go even further in order to continue the weight loss. Remember: slow and steady wins the race.

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