Top 6 Abs Exercises

Athletes from every sport have strong core muscles they keep on Abs Exercises training to get stronger and better muscles. That’s why they so good in their game and personality wise they are more charming than other people. That is the story of athletes but what about the other normal people? What about those guys who just want a good body shape and better abs on their belly area?

Well every human body type is different from the other. Some people have such kind of body type that only a little exercise can give them a better body shape otherwise there are also those kind of people who need to exercise harder and longer to get some body shape. So, here are the 6 best abs exercises that can give you perfect abs.



Bow on the floor and hold an ab wheel underneath your shoulders. Prop your abs and move the wheel forward until you feel you’re going to lose strain in your center and your hips may hang. Move yourself over to begin. Do the same number of repetitions as you can with perfect structure and end the set when you think you may break structure.

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Lie down on the floor and raise your knees making exactly right angle to your stomach area and then raise your hands pointing towards the roof and keep them pointed throughout your exercise. Move your upper body towards the up side making a sitting position and then return back to the floor.



Load the bar with 15-pound plates and stoop on the floor behind it. Your shoulders ought to be over the bar. Support your abs and move the bar forward, arriving at before you until you feel your hips are going to droop. Move yourself back.



Take a barbell to exercise some Russian twist. Handle the bar close to the very end once more this time with both hands. Stand with making your feet in between width as equal to your shoulder width. Swing the bar to your left, rotating your feet as required, and afterward swing to your right.



Lie on the ball with your head towards the floor and weighing your knees on your feet. Support your back with the ball. Bring your hands behind your head and then roll up and down your body. This exercise will stronger your abdomen muscle, burn the calories in it and will give it a better shape.



Take your body between the two parallel rods. Give a curl to your body by pulling up your feet and legs and make them parallel to the floor. Repeat ten times.

Surely the above mentioned 6 exercises will give you the desired abs and also strong and better muscles to your body.

If you have any suggestions or want to share some other amazing exercises, please feel free to mention them in the comments below.

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