What is Endomorph body type?

It is the Endomorph body type that is known as the hardest form of the structure. It is very difficult to manage weight and fitness. In this type people have to be more careful about their diet because it makes them more bulky. They have little lower metabolic rate as compared to the other body types. The common feature of this body type is that they are huge in their appearance and little muscular. They have wide bone structure and joints that shows their bulky appearance. They need to do much effort to reduce the weight. A hard work is required in this regard.

Features of the Endomorph body type:

The common features of endomorph body type are given below for the concern of the readers.

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  1. They have large frame of their body structure.
  2. The fat accumulation is high in their body.
  3. They fatigue easily.
  4. They are very restless about the appetite.
  5. They try various diet plans but fail to achieve exercise plan.
  6. It is very difficult for them to reduce weight easily but they can gain weight without efforts.
  7. They have to be careful about diet due to low metabolic rate.

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Tips for Diet:


People who have endomorph body type should take the diet that is rich in fiber. They should take low calorie food to maintain their structure.

  1. The food that is a natural detoxifier and cleanser that helps to remove toxins and wastes like uric acid from the body.
  2. For controlling the high amount of fats and calories eat one or half cup of cherries daily and also drink tart cherry juice four times in a week.
  3. Vitamin C and fiber is very effective to reduce weight and maintain it.
  4. Always eat healthy diet and avoid alcohol, smoking and junk foods.
  5. Lemon juice stimulates the making of calcium carbonate that neutralizes uric acid. Lemon juice makes the body more acidic. Lemon juice also contains Vitamin C that helps to maintain the amount of fats in the body. It enhances the metabolic rate as well.
  • Take the juice of one lemon into one glass of water.
  • Drink this mixture of water and lemon in the early morning on an empty stomach.
  • You will feel relief from toxic material problems after using this water.
  • To maintain amount of calories in the body avoid to drinking tea and take juice of one lemon in one glass of water.

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