Best Ways to Avoid the common workout mistakes

Sometimes we see common workout mistakes that the most motivated person who wants to lose weight by exercising loses just a very little amount of weight and contrary to him, his friends blazes their fat and get attractive body shape with just a few weeks workout. And this thing makes him more confusing and leads him to hate exercise.There are several reasons included which make your weight loss exercise fail rather than effective. Read below to find out the solution those reasons or mistakes.

Repeating the Same Exercise Every Day:


Well, we cannot say that exercise on a daily basis  or same kind of exercise on a daily basis is a mistake but if you want to make your exercise efforts successful just like your friends then you have to avoid that same style exercise (or having same pace) which you perform regularly. You might come up with a question that why it is necessary to vary exercise styles? The answer is your body gets used to with the same style exercise every day which becomes easier for your body to handle and it results in very low burning of fat.

Solution. Make an exercise schedule which is quite varying and contains the different type, styles and duration of exercise and also vary with their difficulty levels. Let’s make it simpler by explaining it a bit more. IF you are walking fifty minutes daily to shed weight then compress it to two to three days per week and to get most out of the walking exercise make it a little difficult to you week after week. Increase the length of your walking exercise up to sixty-five to seventy-five minutes one to two days in a week and during the rest of the days try to perform a cycling exercise. And specify two to three days in a week for only walking exercise. If you are flexible enough then make these exercises more difficult week by week.

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Reimburse by Consuming More:

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After an efficient exercise people tend to feel hungrier than normal routine and they feel cravings to eat more. They feel that they have exercised now can eat anything they want. And it is the biggest mistake and the main reason behind the failure of most efficient exercises.

So, if you are wishing to shed your weight then you have to make a calorie level for yourself. If you eat a food which contains high calorie and eat it after exercise then there is good chance for you to regain all of your calories you burnt while you were exercising. And this destroys all of you dreams and hard work you did while exercising.

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Solution. If you want to overcome common workout mistakes , your exercise productive and successful than you have to make a record of your eatables, you should be well aware of your food that how much calories this food does contains which you are going to eat or how much calories you have taken in throughout your day. And how much calories you should take in after exercise. And before you begin to work on your exercise schedule make sure you are aware of your exercising expenses and try to take a metabolic test from dietitian. And also make sure you have eaten a maintained amount of food calories before exercise so that you have enough energy to exercise enough to reach your calorie burning target. Studies have shown that five hundred calories burned per day can make you lose one pound weight in a week.

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