Ways to burn more calories While Watching Television

Most of the people wanting to lose weight do not have time to go to the gym or they hate going to the gym but they want to shed off their weight. If you have the same story and you also hate going to the gym but still you want to shed off your weight then don’t get worried. Here are ways to burn more calories shed off your weight without going to the gym and by just sitting on the sofa in front of your TV. And there is no need to spend money on expensive equipment for this.

Not only you blaze calories while watching television but there are several other benefits to exercise in this way such as exercising during the ad breaks keeps you away from your kitchen to bring snacks and it also keeps you away from unintentional midnight food intake which is one of the biggest reasons of weight gain.

Burning Fat by Warming Up:

Young happy woman doing fitness exercises at home

Doing warm-ups before starting any kind of effective exercise is the best way. But the intense warm-ups can have the opposite results and if you have been working physically the most hours of your day then there is no need to warm-up your body because your body is already prepared for exercise. If you still want to warm-up then make full body movements to provide your body with a gentle blood flow. Jogging up, taking stairs, doing little housecleaning activities or a gentle walk can provide you the enough warm-up so that you can burn enough calories by exercising properly.

Exercising with warm muscles is more likely to burn an extra bit of calories from your body without any side effect.

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TV Lounge Exercise:


Doing exercise and watching television at the same time does not require all of your time to burn extra calories and not watching your loved program. This exercise is supportive to you in such a way that you can watch your loved program and blaze your calories during the ad breaks and stop exercising while your loved program is on.

Studies have shown that an hour of TV program contains ad breaks of about sixteen minutes. So watching TV and exercising during the breaks can make up a total of forty-seven minutes and you can blaze four hundred calories in those forty-seven minutes. And in that time you can build and improve your flexibility.


Make sure your body is capable for intense exercise before starting your exercise. And you need an extra bit of space in your lounge to do your exercise effectively and without any disturbance so that you can easily stretch your body. It would be okay for you if you don’t have enough space for your exercise in your lounge; you have to make your exercise movements a bit smaller so that your exercise can fit into your available space, but remember you can burn more number of calories if you utilize your full body during your exercise.

Light weights can provide you the extra benefits but try to avoid using weights during your first exercise and by the time when your body gets charged up challenge yourself by grabbing those weights and do an exercise with the help of those weights.

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