Three simple tricks on how to get bigger butt and hip

Women attach more value to physical appearance than any other thing. Although, it is understandable because beauty and physical appearance are inseparable.  One of the key areas that have received massive attention throughout the years is the hip and butt area. Any model will agree that a sexy figure is one that includes a good hip and an insurmountable butt area complex. Building a sexy figure starts and ends with enhancing the butt – but you need to know the top tricks on how to get a bigger butt.  Sometimes separating the wheat from chaff when it comes to the top brass of hip enhancement can be a tall and taxing task. Here we compile a few tricks on how to get bigger butt and hip with very little effort. Read on!

Basic Tips

Making your hip and butt bigger without workout is not possible. If you want to achieve the desired results must follow these two phases:

  • A workout that strengthens your glute
  • Nutrition after the workout, during the recovery period

After a workout, your hip and butt enter into a repair cycle,and it is important to pick the right amount of foods to make sure you get bigger hip and butt.

Keep a simple rule in your mind: If you are seeking to increase your weight you must eat more food. If you are looking to increase your hip and butt eat the regular amount of food.

Excess of things is bad: never overcome the carbohydrate and protein because it can cause several health problems.

Must eat fruits: Try to eat 2 to 3 fruits daily, fruits are very important to boost hip and butt mass gain.

Butt exercises for women

Butt, hipp

Diet – yes here we start and there seems to be a regular and common way of getting to it. There is no way on earth you can believe that you will get the best butt while living on a poor diet. Not mentioning the unhealthy junk food, you could be frequently taking down your gut on a regular basis.  We first begin with proteins – and the first thing you need to know is the indispensable role of proteins in building muscles. Choose the best of proteins – healthy ones I should emphasize. Include those lean muscles that give you the necessary building blocks for enviable hind areas. Do not forget the superfoods as well, but the healthy ones I repeat. Remember to emphasize on leafy green vegetables, mixed nuts and fruits as well.

Remember that it’s not possible to get results without exercise, putting weight is also recommended. Your daily workout routine must include some exercises including butt bridges, lungs, and squats.

Butt bridge

Lie on the ground on the back. Place arms at the sides, and bend knees. Place your feet around the shoulders width.

Press your heels on the floor, lift hip off the floor, squeeze the butt and keep your back straight. When you perform this part breath out, hold this position for a few seconds. When you go back to starting position breath in slowly.


Stand straight with feet hip-width apart. Take a giant step forward, now heel first, and lower your body slowly, bend both knees. Always keep your upper body and back straight, don’t bend knees more than 90 degrees. Repeat this step with the second leg.

These exercises help you gain a bigger hip and butt in very short time in a healthy way.

How to get a bigger butt without squats?

how to take body measurements

Exercises are a great way to ensure that your hind muscles and the hips are well-toned and done. But there are those exercises that promise to work out your hind areas than the rest and key among them are the squats. Familiar and popular, squats are best and effective for reducing fat in the hind area and giving them a good dose of toning. They help strengthen the buttocks, impact the thighs and make the entire region firm, healthy and strong.  The side lunge is also a familiar and effective exercise for toning your hips and the entire butt area. Which is just but a slight modification of the regular lunges.

Yoga is yet another card on the chessboard of toning your hips and buttocks. While yoga brings in some mental health and a good deal of exercise. Yoga complements the benefits of regular exercises by ensuring that you stand in some postures for long periods. It ensuring that the target muscles are well stretched and enhanced.  Remember that yoga exercises are not very easy to pull off. You will need some endurance and commitment before you get on track. But the results are worth the effort you will put in.  The best deal here is to ensure you start slow and increase the intensity. It will ensure a very appetizing hind area that will leave you happy with your body.

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