How to get rid of razor bumps on the neck?

How to get rid of razor bumps on the neck is a common concern which we stumble upon ofttimes. In its most temperate forms, razor bumps will be somewhat tingle and create an obvious red rash on your neck and face. In some cases, razor bumps can also generate “razor burns”. This condition happens when the hair grows sideways or curls back. They have the appearance of pimples and can itch all the time.

How to get rid of razor bumps fast :

razor bumps on the neck

Softening the beard is a way how  to get rid of razor bumps on the neck. A lovely mushy beard can be shaved far more smoothly than one that strokes like a brillo pad. Therefore, the right time to shave is after you take a shower. The sizzling steam will soothe up your beard, conditioning it in a fantastic state for shaving. If you prefer to have your stubble really soft, apply some hair conditioner and slather it on your beard while you are in the shower. After rinsing it out, your beard will be very mushy.

Exfoliation is a great way to avoid razor bumps on the neck. Use your wife’s puffy loofah or a facial scrub to take off dead skin cells and make way for hiding ingrown hairs. There are several types of puffy loofah available in the market that makes your skin feel nice.

Employing a badger brush can bring good results. Use a traditional badger brush to foam your beard. Plying a brush to foam the cream helps get the shaving paste up under each frizzies which result in exceptional, slick shaves.

Easy way to  get rid of razor bumps on  the neck :

How to get rid of razor bumps

A safety razor can help you get rid of razor bumps on the neck. Five blade razors are in vogue these days. If you think that it can provide you a good clean shave, then go for it. On the contrary, if each shave leaves you with razor burn and irritation, think out shaving with a safety razor. For many men, the five blade razors aggravate the skin more than required. Make bare using a safety razor will reduce skin aggravation and provide your face a healthy, clean look because you are just using a single blade instead of multiple that injure your face while barbing your beard.

In order to get that smooth shave, most men shave against the grain. It is true that if you shave against the grain, you will get a smooth outcome. However, you risk hacking up your face and making razor burn. In addition, shaving roughly over the skin increases the chance of having razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Drive the razor in the direction of the grain. This will minimize the possibilities of razor burn and irritation. This may take more time to get that baby bottom feel.

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Giving too much force to the razor handle increases the possibilities of razor burn.  The heaviness of the razor handle is enough to shave your beard. Apply the razor smoothly over your skin.

You need a sharp razor to cut your beard. If you use a blunt razor, you will end up having razor bumps on your neck. This also increases the possibility of having skin irritation and ingrown hairs. One of the advantages of employing a sharp razor is that you can switch blades many a times.

Cleaning your razors using alcohol may help you get rid of razor bumps on the neck. One of the dominant reasons for skin irritation and razor burn is bacteria on your blade. After and before you shave, rinse and clean your blades using alcohol.  There are several types of alcohol bottles available for home use. Get one with a little fragrance and beef up the process of safety shaving.

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