How to lose 50 pounds in sixteen weeks

Weight loss is currently a high profile topic – one that cannot evade the sight of anyone concerned about heath and healthy weights. While there are numerous methods of weight loss, many of them adopt procedures that only allow you to lose some modest weight – majorly within the recommended 1 to two pounds each week.  Well, some people are looking out for much-enhanced weight loss – but believe me not – losing fifty pounds or so in a tight window of four months is quite a lofty challenge. That should not serve to man that it is inadmissible – it is achievable is you out in the right methods. Here are three quick tips on how to lose 50 pounds within four months.

Beyonce master cleanse diet :


Here comes the first piece of the chessboard – the Beyonce master cleanse diet. It recently made headlights when Beyonce claimed that it helped her lose more than 20 pounds in less than two weeks – what a miracle. This diet involves taking a syrup made of fresh lemon juice, marple syrup as well as pepper – combined with fruits and vegetables while the rest of the solid foods are shunned for the ten day period in which it operates.

The Beyonce master cleanse diet allows one to lose up to twenty pounds in less than two weeks, while at the same time helping to detoxify the body and eliminate hardened waste. It is also suggested to improve general and cardiovascular health –primarily because fresh lemon juice comes with a number of vitamins and diets. But be warned – some health associations have termed this method “extreme” and thus do not recommend it – but it does work.

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HCG Diet :

The HCG diet involves a combination of a hormone, dieting and exercise to achieve a three-front battle on weight. The HCG hormone, normally produced in the placenta during the second month of pregnancy, is known to cause nausea in pregnant women and cut down appetite. The use of HCG diet allows one to diet with less effort, given that it reduces hunger pangs. It is also a pro-hormone and thus helps restore hormonal balance, since hormonal imbalance is suspected to be one of the underlying causes for chronic weight gain. Finally, HCG diet helps to prevent the breakdown of muscles during the dieting window – and instead initiating muscle preservation and building mechanisms. This consequently turns the heat on the fat in the tissue, resulting in rapid weight loss.

A combination of dieting and exercise :

body type diet

Why not? Dieting contributes 70% of the weight loss while exercise contributes 30% – the results of combining the two should be self-revealing.  Eat a balanced diet, eat five to six meals a day and ensure that your diet is high in fiber – and the results will start trickling in. also, drink up to eight glasses of water a day and ensure that you double up your exercise rates. A healthy diet ensures that the body is properly nourished, while water ensures transportation of nutrients to the right places – exercise speeds up metabolism!

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