How to get bigger butt without squats

Having a big butt is something to smile about – it is such a highly respected and loved feminine region – a show of productive and fertility, not forgetting the other things that come to mind with its mention. Well, many women are just looking for that – How to get bigger butt without squats that is just conspicuous and enduring enough, but what’s the best deal to seal? Squats and lunges re the most popular exercises when it comes to such tasks – and they are known to produce near excellent results.

However, squats are not so easy – they are tiring and put some stress on the knees, but if you have already done enough of them you may be already bored of overdoing them. Here are a few tips on how to get bigger  butt without squats – promising near equal or even better results.

Butt exercises for women

The alternating Tick-Tock :

This method requires you to have a resistance band – which aids in taking the strains to the gluts as well as the outer things, which directly connect and influence the size and health of the butt. To use this trick, ensure that you stand at the middles of the resistance band with each of the handles resting in either hand. Gradually and slowly engage one leg as you raise it up – keeping the knee stretched and not folded. Raise it to almost half a meter off the ground, or higher if you still do not lose balance trying that.  Slowly take part the leg to the ground and repeat three times and then engage the next leg.

The standing leg lift

This method also targets the gluts as well as the hamstrings. You will need a chair to undertake this process. Stand behind the chair, about a meter away. Hold on the upper arms of the chair and place your legs at hip width. Slowly raise one leg backwards while you flex the foot and slowly squeeze the gluts. Raise the leg and bent the knee and raise it to about a meter high. Lower it slowly to the ground and repeat the process three more time before you change to the next leg.

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The Heel Bridge :

This involves you lying face up on a flat floor to minimize harm to your back. Ensure the floor is even and has no solid objects that could inflict pain. Bent the knees and flex the feet to ensure that the heels just touch the ground. Place the arms down on either side. Slowly engage abs while you lift your hips from the floor. Lower the tailbone and gradually return to the starting position before you repeat the process.

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Frog :

This is a direct inverse of the heel bridge method. Lie facing down with the legs apart and the heels pressing on each other. Rest your forehead on the arms by bending the elbows and stacking them underneath.  While squeezing the heels, slowly raise the thighs off the ground to the maximum height you can. Rest them at that position for thirty seconds before lowering them back to position.

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