How to take body Measurements in a proper way (Updated)

It doesn’t matter, whether you want to get a six pack tummy or you are striving hard to lose some fat, you must know, how to take body measurements in an accurate way!

Whether you are a fitness freak or you are a housewife, everyone is in the rush to get a perfect physique. But, what is a perfect body? To be honest, the concept of a perfect body varies from person to person.

For somebody, a waist size of 30 – 32 inches could be the best size; on the other hand, a person who’s bulky will be happy to wear pants of 34 – 36 inches waist.

If you don’t know how to do it, this article will share some easiest and simple ways to take accurate body measurements.

What You Know Before Taking Body Measurements

Body Measurments

  • When you measure your body don’t pull the measuring tape too tight. Just keep the tape level across the skin.
  • Wear fitted clothes or take measurements without clothes if possible.
  • Keep your feet together and stand straight with a relaxed body.
  • Use a flexible inelastic tape measurer. You can also use a cloth measuring tape or you can use MyoTape Body Tape that is specially designed for body measurement.
  • Take all measurements of your body twice and get the final number by the average of your measurements.

Quick Measurements

If you have a short time and you want to take a quick measurement of your body, just focus on the following areas:

  • Chest- Measure under pecs or breast, as high as you can
  • Hips- Measure around the wide part of hipbones
  • Waist-Measure waist from most narrow points, especially around the navel
  • Arms- Measure above elbows
  • Thigs-Stand straight and measure around the leg largest part
  • (additional areas if needed)

Full Measurement

If you are seeking full body measurement for progress tracking purpose, do the full measurement of your body, do the following:

  • Midway- Measure in between the broadest part of waist and hip
  • Bust- Measure all way around your back and burst
  • Calves-measure around the fullest part
  • Knees- Measure above the knee (round the leg)
  • Forearm- Measure below the elbow, at the fullest part

How to take proper body measurements:

how to take body measurements

Without any doubt, body measurement is an art. There are some rules that we have to follow to get the error-free body measurements. Before taking body measurements, keep in mind the following factors:

  • Always use a non-stretchable measurement tape.
  • Stand straight on the floor. Avoid standing on a mattress or at any place where you can’t maintain your balance.
  • Always measure your physique while standing in front of the mirror.
  • Wrap measurement tape around your body at a parallel level.
  • Keep measurement tape close to the body but, don’t press it too hard. Also, do not keep it too loose.

You can’t ignore any of these factors. You can’t get perfect body measurements unless you follow all the above-mentioned instructions.

How to take Body Measurements for weight loss:

How to take Body Measurements for weight loss:

If you are on a strict diet plan and you are taking diet according to your body type but, you don’t know, how to take body measurements; you definitely can’t track your progress and it will surely bring your morale down. You’ll soon be angry at yourself because you don’t know whether your hard work is paying off or not!

During dieting, your goal is to lose belly, thigh and upper arms fat therefore, you must know how to take body measurements of these fatty body-parts.

Waist: To measure waist, encircle the measurement tape just above the navel. Keep in mind the position where you buckle your pants. You’ll never forget, where to place the measurement tape.

Thighs: Keep your legs straight and measure around the fullest part of the upper leg – Upper leg means area above the knee.

Upper Arms: Measure the fullest part of the arms above your elbows. Keep your arms straight and don’t close your fist. Just stand in a normal posture.

Tip: When you’re dieting, don’t take body measurements on a daily basis. Instead, measure your body parts on a weekly basis and compare recent measurements with the previous results.

Maintain Body Measurement While Losing Weight

When people start losing weight and start a weight loss program they just want to lose weight from some areas.

For example, women don’t want to lose breast weight but want to lose weight from thighs and hips. Men want to lose their spare tire, but not their glutes.

The main question is that your body can preserve certain parts while losing in others?

Unfortunately, you can’t pick where your fat coming off. It is not controllable to control fat, but you can determine it in your body that where your body stores more fat.

You can make changes to your body by below exercise programs:

  • Strength training 2-3 times in a week for all body muscles
  • Cardio exercises 3-6 times in a week
  • A low calorie, healthy diet to burn more calories

If you follow this plan it will help your body to maintain measurements. It can take months to give you results, so it will also help you to focus on your health and body.

How to take body measurements for fitness:

How to take body measurements for sewing

Either you are a sporty guy or someone who likes to jog, body measurements are important for every fitness freak. Body measurements help you to track weight fluctuations, stamina, and overall fitness. If you don’t know, how to take body measurements; you’ll be unable to improve your fitness level.

For gaining six pack body and strong muscles, you must measure your body parts to keep record of the progress. It’ll help a lot in building a perfect physique.

During workout every fitness freak works hard to frame upper arms, lower arms, legs, chest, and tummy in a proper shape. Let’s talk about, how to take body measurements of these body parts.

Lower Arms / Forearms: Measure the fullest part of your arm below the elbow without closing the fist.

Chest / Bust: To measure chest size wrap the measurement tape around your chest over your nipples. Keep the measurement tape in line with your nipples.


Method of measuring tummy / waist, thighs, and upper arms is the same as mentioned in the “How to take body measurements for weight loss.”

Tip: If you want to build an attractive body, take proper diet according to your body type.

How to take body measurements for sewing:

How to take body measurements for sewing

Accurate body measurements are required if you wanna sew a dress that’ll fit seamlessly to your body shape. You can easily take your body measurements without anybody’s help.

Chest / Bust: Measure the whole circumference of your chest by putting measurement tape in line with your nipples.

Waist: Measure your waist an inch below your breasts. Also, measure your waist above the navel.

High Hip: Measure your hip 3 to 4 inches below the navel.

Hip: Measure the fullest part of your hip to estimate the width of the skirt at this point and to ensure a perfect fitting.

Front Waist Length: Measure front waist length over the fullest part of your chest. Fix one end of the measurement tape at the base of the neck and other end at the waist line.

Back Waist Length: Place one end of the tape at base of the neck (center) and measure the length to the center of the waistline.

Arm Length: Measure length from the shoulder to the bone of the wrist. Also, measure width of your forearm and upper arm from the fullest part of the arm.

Tip: To ensure a perfect fitting, only wear undergarments while taking body measurements.

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