How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss

Nobody knows when it starts but Apple vinegar is known to be a health tonic in humans for centuries.

The formation of Apple vinegar is based on two steps.

The first step is to convert sugar into alcohol the second step is to convert this alcohol into acetic acid. The first step is completed with the help of yeast. The second step is completed with the help of bacteria.

The yeast is combined with the crushed apples. As a result of the chemical process, the yeast turns Apple sugar into alcohol. This is the time for the bacteria to play its role in converting it finally into acetic acid.

Citric acid is not the only acid residing in the apple cider vinegar acid is also present with some other acids.

The citric acid also has nutritious value tables. Food of the parasitic acid will give you the energy equal to 3 calories. No carbs are present in the Apple citric acid.

Health benefits associated with acetic acid
Acetic acid is present in the Apple vinegar it has been assumed that all the health benefits associated with the acetic acid will automatically be provided to those who use Apple citric acid.

Improved sugar level control

The use of acetic acid improves the ability to control the sugar level. The reason is the improved functionality of the liver and other muscles due to acetic acid. These are in better condition and ability to get the sugar out of the blood.

Insulin level

This is considered to be an effect but not a benefit. The reason behind this is that it decreases the insulin level in the blood. Some say that it stores the burning of fat in the body. But the clear evidence is still awaited.

Metabolism rate improvement

The metabolism rate is dramatically improved. Fat burner increases and the liver reduces production and storage of sugar.

Reduces fat in the body

A common use of Apple citric acid is to reduce the belly fat. This has commonly been believed that the regular use of Apple citric acid reduces the belly fat.

Improve the digestion function

The Apple citric vinegar is believed to improve the digestion function in the body. The citric acid is found effective in reducing weight. As it believes that it really reduces the food details by providing you the feelings of field stomach.

List of health benefits associated with apple citric acid

  • It has been witnessed in various medical studies that the people who took the Apple citric acid with their meal has 55% low sugar level in comparison to the people who do the to Apple vinegar as part of their meal
  • This has also been observed that the people who took the Apple vinegar as part of their food needs list calories in comparison to the people who don’t take Apple vinegar. Please remember that this claim requires further investigation.
  • Use of Apple Cider with your meal increases its stay in the stomach. This increased stay may result in good and bad
    • Good in the sense that for healthy people this fills the stomach for a longer period of time.
    • Bad for those who suffer from diabetic type 1 or the people who suffer from gastroparesis

7-day Apple cider vinegar diet

7-day Apple cider vinegar diet

Till now we have discussed various benefits of apple cider. Let’s have a look now at the famous 7-day apple cider vinegar diet.

The logic behind this diet is that Apple Cider has the capability to remove the toxic material from the body. The reasons are the bacterias that are responsible to convert the apple’s sugar into citric acid. It has been believed that this bacteria remains in the Apple Cider. These bacteria are known to have the capacity to detox the body.

If you use the filtered and refined Apple Cider for the 7 days diet plan this will not be effective at all. This detox is effective only with raw Apple Cider.

The use of Apple Cider vinegar for detox purposes is not new. Nobody knows that when it actually started. But it has been argued that it was started around 400 BC.  This means that thousands of years have passed. Still we humans use it for detoxification. This means that this is truly a good method of detoxification. The effectiveness of this method is proven by the continuous use of thousands of years.

The mechanism of detoxification true Apple vinegar
Although these claims made it to be tested for scientific evidence. But the majority of the people and Even the healthcare professionals think it to be true.

  • detoxification through apple Cider vinegar increases the amount of enzymes in the body.
  • During this detoxification process, the potassium intake in the body automatically increases
  • During this detoxification process, the immune system becomes stronger.
  • The pH balance in the body is likely to be disturbed by a number of factors. This process of detoxification creates a balance for the pH value in the body.
  • Digestive system of the body becomes healthy and produces good results for the body
  • The number of good bacterias increases in the body. This increase helps in the improvement of gut functionality and the better immune system.
  • The detoxification improves the condition of the skin.
  • Apple cider vinegar is also known to be a good remedy for acne. For treating acne you need to apply it externally.
  • This is known to be beneficial for patients suffering from type 2 diabetes.
  • This is still to be evident by the scientific research that if this claim is true. Many claim about the effectiveness of Apple Cider vinegar in treating the problems related to the high blood pressure

The recipe of Apple Cider vinegar detox


  1. Apple cider vinegar RAW
  2. Purified or distilled water
  3. Any sweetener of your choice may include honey maple syrup or Stevia.

The preparation method

Take 8 ounce of water. Mix 2 tablespoon of of vinegar into it. I am the beginning, you may start by mixing only 1 tablespoon of vinegar. This is the time to add the sweetener to the drink. Please try that this sweetener should be organic. like if you are using Honey for the sweetener it should be organic.

How long to take it

The duration of the use depends on your need. Some consume it for some days others can for some months and some others consume it for a longer period of time.

The daily dose

Again it varies from person to person but it is recommended that you take it at least 3 times a day.

The first dose where you get up in the morning and your stomach is empty. The second dose can be taken at noon and the last glass of drink can be taken in the evening.

Scientific evidence of the effectiveness of the Apple Cider Drink

The scientific evidence of Apple Cider detoxification

Be vigilant while you are browsing on the internet about Apple cider detoxification. The majority of the information available on the internet regarding this issue is either the personal experience for the experience of someone other the author knows.

Most of the available information is not backed by the scientific researcher or the evidence.

This does not mean that on this particular subject we do not find any of the scientific research.

A number of researches have been carried out and some of them are still in progress. One of very well known researches that has been carried out is about the effect of vinegar on type 2 diabetes.

  • In another study, a group of people was given the apple cider vinegar all of them were diabetics later it was found that the glucose and insulin level both were decreased in the blood

Scientific evidence about the weight loss

Multiple scientific evidence is our present that spots the claim of the weight loss with the apple cider vinegar

A study about rats

A study on fat rats was conducted. Fat rats that were given apple cider vinegar to drink. A significant decrease in the weight was observed in the rats who were provided with the apple cider vinegar to drink.

A Study about LDL triglycerides and cholesterol

This is not the only study done to find the effect of Apple cider. In another study, a significant decrease in LDL triglycerides and cholesterol were observed during the studies this time with humans.

The Apple cider studies Limitation

A limitation with the majority of the studies was that if not all the majority is conducted on animals rather than humans. Secondly the studies were conducted on very small group and the result of these may be hard to implement generally

The weight loss effect of apple cider vinegar

For centuries people have been using apple cider vinegar for weight loss. Let’s have a look at some of the common benefits of apple cider vinegar.

A drink with low calories

It contains only 22 calories if you prepare a drink with a hundred grams of apple cider vinegar. This means that it is not only delicious but also reduces the belly fat. What do you need to do is just to take this drink in the morning.

Reducing obesity

A study was conducted among obese Japanese. This was to find out that it helped in suppressing fat. Secondly, it saves from the metabolic syndrome. The reason is acetic acid. Acetic acid dramatically reduces obesity.

The feel of fullness

Your body will have a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time. This means that craving for the food will be reduced. Once the craving for the food will be reduced you will automatically take less food. Less food intake means a lesser increase in weight.

Control the blood sugar level

Apple vinegar helps in controlling the blood sugar level in the body. The food full of carbohydrates is known to increase the blood sugar level in the body. The use of Apple citric vinegar with the food helps to control the sugar level in the body. Not only this but this will also help to effectively control and cut the weight.

The point to consider for effective use of Apple Cider vinegar in weight loss

Do not take it directly

Apple cider vinegar has a high quantity of acetic acid. If you took it directly this may increase the quantity of acid. The increased quantity of acid may harm your health. Therefore it is necessary to dilute it appropriately before using it.

With the food but not as a  drink

Drinking it is not the only way to take the apple cider vinegar. Instead, you might take it with salad. Use it with olive oil as a dressing and this will not only make the salad more delicious to take but this will definitely increase the health benefit too.

Take it two to three times a day

This is a smart move to take it in small quantities in different forms two to three times a day. you can take it in the water as we have described earlier in this article and secondly you can take it as a dressing of the salad.

On and off use

Once you have achieved your desired target or goal. Do not leave it abruptly. Try to use it once in a week but with proper care.

Final words

Apple vinegar has established its position as a health beneficial food item. But while taking the Apple vinegar some preemptive measures are necessary to be taken. If you are suffering from any health issue and you are taking medicine regularly then kindly consult your physician before taking the Apple vinegar.

Do not take it in large quantities. by taking it in large quantities you may rupture your throat.

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