The master cleanse Beyonce: formidable or not?

Weight loss, cleansing and detoxification are very familiar terms in the nutrition industry – but they seem to be gaining new attention every other day. Many people choose to detoxify from time to time – with some doing so several times a year while others restrain themselves to only once in a while – perhaps when need beckons. Several detoxification methods have been developed – but the recent one to hit the headlines is the master cleanse Beyonce, which rose to fame after Beyonce indicated that it helped her lose up to twenty pounds in less than two weeks. So then, is it real and formidable?

The master cleanse beyonce is a detoxification program designed over five decades ago with the aim of helping read the body of toxins and reenergize it, but has found a recent twist with it being marketed as potent weight loss technique. The program entails taking between six and twelve cups of lemon juice, which is made by mixing two teaspoons of  fresh lemon juice and a similar amount of marple syrup, which are combined with a tenth of cayenne pepper and half a liter of water.  During this diet, solid foods, supplements and any other foods are not allowed – except for laxative tea in the nights and some salt water flush in the morning to start the day. The program lasts for one to two weeks.

The plan was intended to cleanse the body of hardened waste in the system, purify the blood, enhance the operations of the kidneys and provide a more youthful look from its effects on the body.

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Beyonce diet and exercise :

It is argued that this diet creates an acute deficit of calories in the body – and consequently forces a reduction in body weight – majorly in form of muscle weight loss and not fat. Further, the sharp deficit of calories makes it impossible for the body to operate at optimal capacity – and thus exercise is not suggested to complement the efforts of this diet.

The start of the diet is preceded by a slow adjustment that involves gradual departure from solid and processed foods with enhanced consumption of fruits and vegetables – and avoidance of meat and other dairy products. The same process is followed when winding up the process to ensure a gradual adjustment to the normal foods. Proponents of this technique argue that it helps revitalize the system and provide a break to the routine digestive and bodily activities.

Beyonce diet plan :


Despite this much hyperbole that surrounds the master cleanse Beyonce diet – many questions abound its use and effectiveness, a number of health bodies have labeled it as being “extreme” and thus  not recommended, while several questions are raised on how the lemon syrup would be able to provide sufficient energy over the period the program lasts.  Questions have also been asked about the detoxification capabilities of this diet given that even in normal circumstances the liover detoxifies the body, while nutritionists have argued out that it is deeply lacking in almost all essential nutrients to keep a man going for ten days or so.

All said, the use of this program is solely at the discretion of the user and their medical expert.

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