I just want to be skinny

It is a common statement that I just want to be skinny. Everyone wants to look slim and smart that is why seeking for the ways to be skinny. There are numerous ways and techniques that are helpful for reducing weight. Some people prefer work out, exercise; hitting gym and some people like to reduce weight through fat burning food. All these things are effective ways for weight loss. If you want to be skinny then you must follow these tips for getting slim and smart. It seems very difficult to do the yoga or other hard physical activities regularly because it needs stamina as well.

Tips to reduce weight :


If you want to be skinny then you must follow these tips but it needs regularity to have the desired results. These are easy and simple ways that are effective to get a sleek look.

  1. Metabolize the body actively

The great wonder of Chia seed water is to boost up the metabolism of the body for burning calories. It helps to feel you stuffed. It is suggested to drink a full glass of water before taking a meal. It is the best strategy to eat less. On the other hand, if you take an icy glass of water before a meal is very effective in increasing your metabolism.

  • Your body burns your calories in the process of warming the water.
  • Regular use of chia seed improves your metabolic health.
  1. Start your day with Lemon juice:


Lemon juice stimulates the making of calcium carbonate that neutralizes uric acid. Lemon juice makes the body more acidic.  Lemon juice also contains Vitamin C that helps to maintain uric acid level as well as fats.

  1. Take the juice of one lemon into one glass of water.
  2. Drink this mixture of water and lemon in the early morning on an empty stomach.

You will feel relief after using this water. I just want to be skinny to maintain weight, avoid to drinking tea and take juice of one lemon in one glass of water. It will act on the kidney directly and flush out the excess amount of uric acid. After using it, you will notice the difference.

  1. Use Grape Fruit as fat burner daily

Grapes Fruits are rich in the nutrients that are very helpful in maintaining the body in terms of energy, weight loss, diabetes and heart diseases. It burns calories and serves to shed down a lot of fats from your body. It tends to control your appetite effectively.

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