Which Cereal Is Best For Weight Loss Fast in Days?

Hey there, welcome to my blog where I am sharing with you all the tips and all the secrets which helped me to lose almost 80 lbs of weight with a moderate routine. But while achieving this task I was conscious about what I ate. Which Cereal Is Best For Weight Loss Fast in Days? Was my first concern.As you all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because after the whole night break your body is in extreme need of some fuel.

But unfortunately, breakfast is the most neglected meal of the day as well. Because in the busy life and modern routine we all are in a hurry to reach our workplaces. In this hurry, we neglect to take a proper breakfast. But this thing is not only bad for health but it is also a disaster in our weight losing expedition. Which cereal is best for weight loss fast in days? Was the very first thing I figured out to make a perfect diet plan. That doesn’t only provide me a good kick to start my day. But also expedites my metabolism so I can lose weight fast in days. 

High claims low obtains

One thing which I witnessed while I was struggling to find out those cereals which can help me in my weight loss regime. I was very confused, as each and every cereal at the grocery store was promoting itself. All had different claims like some say, it is good for you by boosting your metabolism or it is low in fat, some claims it’s better as to have no sugar added. But as I was desperate to lose weight I was also searching for some cereal that is truly helpful in losing weight and maintaining health.

Tips To Get Your Best Weight Losing

Finally, I sought help from a nutritionist friend, and she cleared my mind of how I can choose the best cereal for my breakfast which leads to fast weight loss. She told me about a few important points which actually helped me out to select my best cereal for losing weight. Why are you choosing your cereal? You keep in mind that there are several varieties in the market and you will have to choose one that is ultimately best for you. You can go with commercial products or you can make your own cereal. Make sure the cereal  you are choosing is fortified with the following qualities 

  • Low in fat
  • Full of fiber
  • Good in Taste
  • High In Nutrition
  • Less Sugar Content
  • Boost your Metabolism



Porridge is a good choice when you are on a weight-loss mission. There are several varieties of porridge available in the market such as wheat, oats, and even Corn Flakes. These all are plant sources, full of nutrition and fiber. The market is full of porridge types from Groats to Gruel.

  • Groat

The unprocessed form of wheat, oats or cornflakes is called groat.This form of cereals take sometimes to cook. But have higher nutrition levels and fills the stomach very well. Help you in losing weight and to avoid frequent eating and hunger.

  • Gruel 

A bit processed form of wheat or oat or corn is called gruel,they quite easy to cook. It can be drinkable but this form fills the stomach as well because it doesn’t have any lesser fiber in it.nutritio value is almost the same.

  • Oats

Oats are a great choice to fit in your low cal regime they are  full of health and nutrition. There are several kinds of oats available in the market from groats to gruel. You can choose any if you are choosing Groats, they are unprocessed oats. They are actually heavy in fiber which is good for your stomach, constipation, and a high metabolic rate. 

If you are choosing Gruel even then it’s a good option to choose as it’s a very thin kind of porridge. Easy to make, easy to digest and you can even drink it.there is no difference in its nutrition value and impact on your weight loss module.

  • Nutritional Boost & Health Safety

If you want some rich antioxidants to glow your skin and add a source of fiber in your diet, moreover to get beta-glucan, Oats are best to choose. They can be your best friend in losing weight and maintaining health by lowering your cholesterol levels.

  • Corn Flakes

The other cereals which you can go for are corn flakes. They are very easily available but they are not very high in proteins. So they don’t keep you full for a longer period of time like oats, yes they are low in fats but high in carbs. But a high carb content means high sugar content that promotes fat storage.

Yes, of course, corn flakes are promoted as a low-fat cereal and they can assist you with weight loss. But the quantity per meal should be monitored very precisely. Moreover, cornflakes can be a good option when you are on a low-fat diet.

Best Commercial Brands Cereal For Weight Loss 2020

Best Commercial Brands Cereal For Weight Loss 2020

Eating cereal to lose weight and opt for a healthy lifestyle is nothing new. But now as the market is offering so many brands with so many high hopes. Choosing the one that advertises truth is quite a tough job. But I have made this tough job easy for you, presenting you with the cereal brands which are not just claims but actually effective indeed.

We will help you to sort your way to more time and smarter you, but for that, you have to save yourself from several bowls of cereal. Those actually derail you from tack with their wrong claims and hidden sugary contents.

  • Kashi Go Cereal (Cinnamon Crisp)

Kashi is a brand in cereals that promises you to help in shedding those extra pounds that are hiding your inner beauty and real confidence. This cereal is not only healthy and nutritious but great in taste as well.


Kashi is a good breakfast cereal to lose weight. Only one cup of this nutritious cereal provides you with 9-gram sugar, 9-gram fiber, 11 grams protein, 32 grams carbs, 4gram fats, and 180 calories in total.

With the above-mentioned nutrient chart, this cereal can be a good catch up of your all-day nutrient requirements. The best nutrient in this cereal which will assist you in your weight loss is the high fiber content. Moreover, the milk addition or yogurt addition into it fortifies it with calcium and potassium.

  • Kellogg’s Special K (Red Berries)

One Cereal Portion topped with only 140 calories with high nutritional content 11-gram Sugar, 0.5-gram fat, 34-gram Carbs, 3-gram Protein.

This cereal is actually made up of wheat bran, that gives a kick to your fiber intake and boosts your metabolism. Fruits are truly healthy to add in your breakfast, but difficult to add-in your fast routine. But don’t worry, this cereal is added with some dried strawberries. Those will not only enhance the taste but enrich it with Vitamin C and iron as well.

So Kellogs is a great choice to fill up your nutrition chart and help you in losing weight and staying healthy. So, this special k cereal is best for weight loss. 

  • Barbra’s Morning Cereal 

Let’s check what you have in this cereal bowl for you and how far it’s effective in your weight losing expedition. In calorie count, you will get 210 calories in one breakfast portion, with 10-gram sugar,8-gram protein, 230-mg sodium, 45-grams carbs,6-gram,6-gram fiber, 2.5-gram fat, 0.5-gram saturated fat.

This cereal bowl is filled up with the nutty taste, blend of fruits and bran with less sugar content. So this bowl with its crunchy flavor is so filling that it will keep you filled with a high energy dose and keep you away from munching before lunch. So this cereal can definitely be your help in weight loss. 

so you can  2 and definitely don’t have fat and fat content but still have I have carbs and sometimes they have sugar content which is not a very approved serial to take while you are on your breakfast but still if you are choosing conflicts as you wait for loose serial you will have to monitor the quantity because too much quantity maybe not very much appreciated when you are on your weight losing expedition.

  • General Mills Fiber Filled Cereal

If you want to choose a real low cal option you must check this one as this cereal is good enough as your breakfast boost is just in 60 calories. With 1-gram fat, 110-mg sodium, 14-gram fiber, 2-gram protein, and 0-gram sugar.

I hope this can fit into your low cal diet regime and you will not feel hungry as well, as the fiber content will keep you loaded. The good news is that this cereal is continuously improved by the manufacturers. So now you can go for it with a bowl of milk or greek yogurt and make it even more nutritious.

Good Bye Note:

In this blog, my utmost effort is to save you from the stress and trouble which I have suffered in my weight loss journey. Because I have experienced a lack of proper information. I even have experienced misinformation which actually derailed me a few times. But once I achieved my target I had a resolution that I will write a detailed blog. That will provide true information for weight loss freaks like me. I assure you of genuine information that I found truly effective in my weight loss journey.

Moreover, I welcome if anyone else wants to share his or her verdict that can be helpful for others in our team. In this article, I have shared with you a list of those cereals which I tried throughout my journey.

All these cereals are truly helpful while you need some cereal that helps you to lose weight, I suggest you can try all in the list one by one. Because it will not only provide you with different nutrients but will keep you in a good and variant taste as well.after all its a long journey. 

But the one I found the best cereal for weight loss is homemade Oat porridges. I enjoyed it with nuts and a few dried strawberries with milk addition. It took me some time for making but It was matchless in its fiber content and even taste.

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