5 Best Weight Loss Programs For Your Physical Health

Once there was a time when beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But now as the trends have changed, being slim and smart has become one of the most important measures of classifying beauty.

Losing weight is the latest trend of times and masses are trying to figure out the most effective way of losing weight efficiently and instantly. But in this quest of losing weight people opt diet plans which might not be really good for their physical health. 

1.Low Carb Diet

Let’s start with a low carb diet.

Tips To Design Your Low Carb Diet

When you are designing your low carb diet plan for this one of the best weight loss diet plan for women and men. You need to keep in mind that you need to cut back sugars and starches from your diet. Because sugars and starches are the basic sources of carbohydrates.

Low Carb Diet

How Low Carb Diet Is Effective?

  • As few pieces of research have proven that almost 95% of fat or obese people are suffering from carbohydrate intolerance. That means after having a meal full of carbohydrates instead of feeling full you start craving for more and ultimately weight
  • Carbs are the most convenient source of energy for the body as they are high in calories and easy to consume. So if you will cut down your carbs and sugars definitely your body will start burning its stored fats. In this way, you can get rid of the undesired fat storage from your body and your body will get its fuel.
  • When you are taking a low amount of carbs your body produces insulin at low levels. That ultimately results in better functioning of the kidneys, as they shed out the unnecessary water and sodium. So you get lesser water retention, your body stays in shape and in better form.
  • If you are looking for the fastest diet loss plan, a low carb diet is best for you as it works wonders in the very first week. You can lose up to 10 lbs that are a good and motivational start. Most of this weight loss is from water and fat.
  • Low carb diets are more effective than low-fat diets if you’re looking for faster and long-term results.
  • Researchers have concluded that when you are on a low carb diet you have lesser carving for more calories and you feel full with little eating.

Sample Plan

One Portion Protein + One Portion Healthy Fats +One Portion Veggies For Fiber

Sources And Benefits Of Healthy Proteins 

When you are on your weight loss expedition, protein is very helpful for making it a great success. Researches have proved that proteins are very helpful in reducing obsessive carvings for food Up to  60%. Moreover, healthy protein intake gives a boost to your calorie consumption of almost 80 to 110 calories(varying in different metabolic rates).

Let’s check a few healthy sources to grab your protein portion.

  • Meat that includes beef chicken and lamb.
  • Healthy seafood.
  • If you are vegetarian you can go with healthy plant proteins.
  • Such as soy, beans, and legumes.

Sources And Benefits Of Low Carb Vegetables

While planning your low carb meal you need to make sure that you had plenty of green vegetables. So that you get your required portions of vitamins, minerals and fibers. Because in the absence of these food components, you need to compromise on your physical health in your journey to lose weight.

But a few vegetables like potatoes are high in carbohydrates. So while you are on a low carb diet!

Cucumber, broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, swiss chard, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, Brussel sprouts, and tomatoes are good options for you.

Yes To Healthy Fats

In the same way, when you are adding the fats portion in your meals. Make sure that you don’t add any healthy fats like trans fats such as fully and partially hydrogenated oils.


Although a low carb diet is one of the most effective weight loss plans, it is associated with few health hazards as well. You need to be careful as this diet can raise your LDL levels which is not very good for your heart health. 

Moreover, it can cause a few digestive problems like bloating and constipation if proper fiber intake is not monitored. A very low carb diet actually initiates the production of ketoacidosis in your body which modifies your metabolic system in an ant usual way. Where your body is consuming fats as the fuel instead of glucose.

2.Intermittent Energy Restriction Or Intermittent Fasting

After a low carb diet, intermittent fasting is also a very effective and healthy way to lose weight. 

How Intermittent Fasting works?

When you are following the intermittent fasting module you restrict your eating intervals. As where you were taking three or four meals a day, instead of that, you are taking 1 or a maximum of 2 meals. Definitely your calorie intake is low. But you need to make sure that you don’t ruin all the efforts by taking more than required calories in the allowed hours.

Intermediate Fasting And Its Efficacy

Intermittent fasting is one of the best weight loss plans for physical health and fast weight loss. As it is observed that by following this diet plan regime for 3 to 24 weeks you are possibly and potentially going to lose 3 to 8 percent of your body weight. That is quite a good number, as compared to any other healthy diet plan.

Health Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting

  • The great thing about intermittent fasting is you will not lose your muscle mass but only the clumsy fat deposits. 
  • Research has proven that intermittent fasting is the most effective way to lose belly weight. Belly weight can actually affect the functionality of all the vital organs. So if you lose the fat around your waist that means you are actually losing that unwanted fat that can cause severe health hazards. 
  • It is also proven through the research that intermittent fasting gives a good boost to your metabolism and immune system. Because when you stay with an empty stomach for longer your system gets some good time for repairing and restarting.
  • Miraculously intermittent fasting is a beauty booster as it not only trim your body but also has anti-aging outcomes.
  • It improves your mental health and when it comes to physical health, it’s good in reducing inflammation and water retention. Ultimately has a good impact on your kidney functioning.


Although intermittent fasting works great and is a good diet plan for physical health, but not for those having health conditions like hypoglycemia,  pregnancy, and even not prescribed for breastfeeding mothers.

3.Veganism / Vegetarian Diet

This is another famous diet which helps you to lose weight. In this type of diet plan, people tend to take food only from plant sources and avoid animal sources completely or partially.

A group of people adopt plant-based diets due to their own ethical reasons, moreover, a few people adopt a moderate way that is called a flexitarian diet. In this diet, along with plants you are allowed to take animal products but in moderate amounts.

How Veganism Or vegetarian Diet Works

When you decide to adopt a vegetarian diet or a vegan diet in order to lose weight.

Plant-Based Diets And Their Efficacy 

You might be thinking vegetarian diets are effective for weight loss or not. As I have already described that switching to vegetarian diets tends to lead to healthy weight loss. 

  • Flexitarian weight loss diet is the best weight loss diet for women over 50
  • In a study where more than 2000 participants were tested. It was concluded that the plant-based diet helps the group to lose almost 2 kgs weight on an average. That is more than those who had included animal diet in their food.
  • With the vegan diet, the results were even great as these people lost almost 2.5 kg on an average
  • Plant-based foods are highly nutritious and they are filled with food fibers which makes you feel full and boost your metabolism. 
  • Moreover, they’re great for your health and digestive as well.
  • When you cross the age limit of 50, losing weight especially in women get quite troublesome. But the good news is, the Vegan diet works great with women over 50


Although plant-based diets or vegan diets are very good for health. With plenty of minerals, vitamins, and good fats like olive oil coconut oil almond oil. But at the same time, this diet deprives you of some food components like iron, calcium, Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, zinc, vitamin D.

4.Paleolithic Diet (Paleo Diet)

This diet is designed in reference to our paleolithic ancestors. The followers of this group believe that our ancestors were healthy and free from all those diseases which are common in modern times.

How Paleo Diet Works

  • In the paleolithic diet just like our ancestors we are not allowed to take any processed foods.
  • As we try to consume whole foods, vegetables, fresh fruits, lean meats, seeds, and nuts these all have great health benefits.
  • The things you need to eliminate from your diet are sugars as it was not available to them and causes frequent weight gain.
  •  You are not allowed to take any grains, all the processed foods and even dairy. (in few versions cheese consumption is allowed)

Efficacy Of Paleo Diet

  • Paleo diet plan is most effective, especially when you are interested in losing belly weight.
  • In multiple studies and experiments, it has been proven that losing almost 2.3 kgs (on average) is observed in healthy adults. Moreover, most of that weight was reduced from belly circumference.
  • Even an average reduction of half-inch in waist have been observed 
  • A group of 15 adults who have followed this diet plan stated:  this diet plan is far more filling and easy to do then other popular diets. Such as low-fat diets or any Mediterranean diet (this feeling fuller element was may be due to high protein content)
  • This diet is very similar to the low carb diet or keto diet that is very popular nowadays

Health benefits of the Paleo Diet

If you have decided to continue with the paleo diet plan to shed your extra few pounds it will impart you with several health benefits as well.

  •  Like it is very good for your heart, it helps reduce multiple factors that can be harmful to your heart.
  •  With this diet plan, you can easily get good blood pressure control.
  • It even works well with your cholesterol levels and also keeps your triglycerides levels under control.
  • Best weight loss diet for hypothyroidism


Like all the other diet plans to lose weight, the Paleo diet also district some healthy food groups. Such as legumes you are not even allowed to take dairy and it also subtracts whole grains from your diet. So definitely when all these nutrients will be prohibited, it can cause some deficiencies in your body.

5.Diets With Low-Fat Intake

Like low-carb diets, low-fat diets have always been in trend as well!

5.Diets With Low-Fat Intake

How Low-Fat Diets Work

As we all know that fats are the most calorie causing components of our diet so eliminating them can truly make a difference. 

  • You might be surprised to know that fat contains almost the double amount of calories from one gram as compared to carbs and proteins
  • In some low-fat diets, they reduce fats to such low levels that you are not allowed to take more than 10% fats in your daily diet.
  • In Ultra low-fat diet plans mostly you are not allowed with any animal source. Which ultimately tends you more towards a vegetarian diet. 
  • so when you are deleting all the fats from your diet definitely your body is not going to store any fat. But even going to consume the existing fat deposits in your body and you can ultimately lose weight.

Efficacy Of Low-fat Diet

  • A Low-fat diet has been very popular for decades so we had an option to study over 70000 participants. Who found this diet effective in losing weight and reducing inches around the waist.
  • If you are going to make a comparison between the results you get from low carb diets Vs the ones you get from low-fat diets. Definitely low carb diets are going to be the winner with frequent weight loss. But a low-fat diet is easy to maintain in your day to day life.
  • In order to check the efficacy of low-fat diet research was conducted. Where 60 participants resolved to follow this Low-fat diet plan for 8 weeks. They ended up with a weight loss of almost 6.7 kgs that is quite effective.
  • Keep in mind you need to be rigid and religious with your diet plan to get the desired results.

Benefits of A Low-fat diet

Like all other diet plans, low-fat diets also have some very effective health benefits. 

  • As when you lower the fat content from your diet, definitely you are moving toward a healthy heart so fewer chances of stroke.
  • Moreover, it is observed that low-fat diets reduce body inflammation which is great news for diabetic people.
  • A Low-fat diet can be the best diet plan for diabetes as well.
  • Best weight loss diet for men.


When you are switching to low-fat diets be careful that it can lead to some health issues as well. If prolonged more than a recommended period, can cause hormonal imbalance in women, so this one is not a great plan for women.

Moreover, many of the nutrients cannot be absorbed in your body, and cells in the absence require fat content. So low in fat diets can weaken your body, moreover, with this diet plan, it is very much possible that you developed some of the metabolism syndromes.

Goodbye Note With Some Friendly Tips

Nowadays beauty is very much connected with a slim smart lightweight body, but I believe that beauty is more connected to a healthy body. If you have a shining skin, you have some glowing eyes, Apple cheeks, and Cherry lips and a healthy body. That is far more beautiful than something very lean, smart but unhealthy.

I know some time losing weight can be connected with health issues. As few diet plans are very good for hypothyroidism few are desired and required to maintain good diabetes levels. But you need to know that nature has produced all the nutrients and food supplements for the benefit of your body.

So you need to nourish your body with all of them, as you can observe that all the diet plans can deprive you of some important food nutrients. So instead of depriving your body of all the necessities try to follow a diet plan that is moderate and still provide you with good results.

I have discussed here the best 5 diet plans to lose weight and tried that not to mention any which is highly dangerous for your physical health. If you ask for my personal opinion I found intermittent fasting the most effective and most healthy diet plan for your physical health.

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