Best Meal Replacement Shakes For Weight Loss 2020

Nowadays life is getting contradictory as much low time we spend on preparing our meal that much healthy we want it to be… 

Mostly we get up in the morning and are in the hype and hurry to reach our workplace. Later we are at the office so can’t prepare any meals and eventually end up grabbing something from the canteen. And at the end of the day while lying in over bed we check our nutrition Vs calorie count its hell disappointing.

So what’s the solution, as modern times have made us hell bussy it has provided us with some real hacks as well. Best meal replacement shakes for weight loss are one of those, and that is getting real quick hype as well. You don’t even need any break to make one glass of this nutritious magic potion that imparts you with most of your dietary needs.

Yes, the market is actually bursting out with so many weight loss shakes for men and women that claim to be the best weight loss shake. But the real catch is to grab one that is the truly best meal replacement shake for weight loss in 2020. 

To get that one that not only assists you in weight loss but doesn’t starve your body of any essential nutritions you need to do check some R&D. Well, I am not a nutritionist but a fitness freak like you and before trusting any sugar-coated advertisement I like to check my stats. The reason for writing this blog is to bring all the required answers to one platform. That you can choose any of your meal replacement shake for diabetes or weight loss with the required info.

Have & Have Nots in a Healthy Meal Replacement Shake For Weight Loss

For selecting your best replacement shake for weight loss you don’t need to be a nutritionist or a food expert. Only a detailed look at the ingredients and the nutrition label is enough to guide you whether it’s the right choice or not. A good nutritionist meal replacement shake is one that has balanced nutrients. i.e it holds an equally good amount of carbs, proteins, and fats.

As far as the exact quantities and measuring are concerned a shake having no less than 25 grams protein and at least 11 to 13 gram of good fat. Moreover, boosted with no less than 18 vitamins and minerals, and a nice serving of fiber. All this should also be included in a good meal replacement shake for diabetes or weight loss. 

Keep in mind, it should not contain more than 350 to 400 calories and any added sugar or flavors are a Big No. Especially if you are looking for a weight loss or diabetes option.

Tips To Make Your Meal Replacement Shake For Men And Women

  • You can add some extra supplements in your healthy meal replacement shakes and make them even healthier
  • Adding, Greek yogurt to your meal replacement shake can make it creamier in texture. Moreover, make it rich in calcium, zinc, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and protein levels.
  • Even adding some herbs like cinnamon or turmeric can alter and improve the flavors and impart them few health benefits as well. As both these herbs are anti-inflammatory agents imparting you better skin as they are rich with antioxidants. Moreover, cinnamon is good in maintaining blood pressure levels as well
  • Adding some Spinach can make your smoothie rich in vitamin c and iron, furthermore, spinach enhances body capacity to absorb nutrients in a better way


When you are intending to lose weight by replacing your meal with the healthy shake you need to be vigilant while making your purchasing decisions. Try to make it as real as possible which means any artificial sugar or flavors added. May make it very tasty but deprive you of real help and weight loss benefits. So buy one that is loaded with vitamins minerals fibers an adequate amount of protein, fats, and carbs.

Be aware of any caky or chalky flavor that is artificial and can be a health hazard.

Some Expert Opinions

“ She prefers at least 25 grams of proteins in meal replacement shakes, she states if she gets a bit higher level of proteins she doesn’t mind it in addition to fewest ingredients.”
According to an expert
Elizabeth Ann Shaw
“Whole foods are better and healthy to take but if you’re busy in life and work you can opt for a meal replacement shake. That can help in weight loss as well, but you need to check the nutrition chart to make it a healthy choice”

Furthermore, she says: “Any meal replacement shake that doesn’t offer a good amount of multivitamins is not a healthy replacement, because you get plenty of those in your normal meals”

From RDN Says
Amanda Niccole

Best Meal Replacement Shake For Women, FitMiss Delight By Muscle Pharm

Muscle Development & Weight Loss 

This shake is specially prepared in accordance with support in the fat loss mission of women. It’s a complete protein shake for women’s weight loss module. This shake is no less than full-fledged support for women’s muscle development and fat loss.

Solathin (Vegetable Protein)

It’s not only embedded with healthy nutrients but also contains a special protein extracted from plants named Solathin. This vegetable protein is not only clinically proven but also helps in weight loss.

Optimal Enzyme Digestive Level

This supplement is prepared with a unique blend of vegetable and fruit extracts which is extremely healthy and good for digestion. Being rich in vitamins, minerals, and having optimal levels of good enzymes  Good digestion leads to high metabolic rates and ultimately helps in weight loss.

Low Carb & Gluten-Free

This might be your healthiest way to lose weight as this supplement is crafted after long term research. Moreover, boosted with all the possible ingredients to impart you with a healthy and trim body. It’s best for those who want to avoid Gluten, as it’s Gluten-Free, or if low carb meal replacement is your intention this one’s for you.

Great Taste & Multiple Tastes 

If you choose Fitmiss as a meal replacement shake you are not gonna regret it as its rich in nutrition. You will get it loaded with milk & soy and if you get bored of one flavor you can switch to another as all are amazing. Vanilla Tea, Cappuccino, and Chocolate delight all flavors contain no more than 90 calories.

Best Meal Replacement Shake For Diabetics, Nutritional Shake Mix By ViSalus

Great Taste

Whenever we are shifting to a weight loss regime we are always afraid of getting deprived of the good flavors and amazing taste. But when you have chosen this nutritional shake by Visalus be sure that your weight loss journey is going to be full of taste. As you are going to get this shake powder in cake mix flavor is so tasty and yum yum.

High In Health Low In Harmful Substances

The good thing about this nutritious shake is it’s not only rich in all those nutrients and vitamins which are healthy and satisfying for your body. But also low it those nutrients which you might like to avoid due to any health condition. This can be your best choice as a meal replacement shake for Diabetes or High blood pressure with its low sugar and sodium levels. It’s great for heart health as well with its low-fat levels.

Highly Healthy For Heart 

This shake is fortified with Tri-Sorb protein which helps you feel full for longer durations. Moreover, these proteins help to lean muscle and highly effective for heart health. Visalus is especially concerned about the heart health of its consumers. All the included proteins are processed to be perfectly free from fat, lactose, and carbohydrates.

Great For Digestion & Loaded With Nutrients 

Diabetics or High blood Pressure Patients with a busy routine cant get a better and healthier meal replacement. This shake is infused with high-quality fiber that is good for your metabolism and improves your digestion without causing any gas in the stomach. The 23 vitamins and minerals is a good number actually even higher than recommended. Overall a great catch.

Healthy Bones Young You

Mostly when we are on compromised diet bones are at optimal risk. But be glad about this meal replacement shake you are going to get higher doses of calcium.

Best In Taste & Health Meal Replacement ShakeProtein Shakes By Premier Protein

Convenient Packaging Loaded With Protein

This protein shake is perfectly packed in an 11.5 Oz convenient packaging, and loaded with a high dose of protein, its 30 grams in one serving. When you want to boost your body with multiple vitamins, minerals, and amino acids this power-packed drink is your get set and goes still very low in carbs.

Awesome Taste

This meal replacement shake is too good to be a meal replacement shake. It’s a winner of the American Master Of Taste Award 2015 to 2019, so now be healthy, be convenient by buying this best protein shake. It’s available in not one, two,  three but eight flavors. 

It’s available in creamy and yummy flavors like Chocolate, Cafe Latte, Vanilla, Caramel, strawberries, Cream & Cookies, Peaches& Cream, and Banana & Cream.

High in Calcium Free From Gluten

This shake is prepared in such a way that you get all the contents that are required for your body and bone health. When you take this protein shake with only one dose you will get almost 50% of your body calcium needs. Moreover, if you have any concerns about Gluten don’t worry about this as it’s Gluten-Free.

Good Shakes For Diabetes 

Low sugar and fat levels are always on the check when the consumer is wise enough to buy a healthy shake. So this is the one that doesn’t harm the blood sugar levels and or your weight loss regime. So get this shake as a meal replacement or in your snack time get healthy and feel delighted.

Best Anti-Aging Meal Replacement Shake, Protein & Vitamin Shake By Nature’s Bounty

Youth Tonic

This shake is not only your health tonic but your youth tonic as well. I actually recommend it as one of the best meal replacement shakes for men and women. Because mostly both need the same ingredients to stay young for longer this shake unlike cosmetic and multivitamin tablets, doesn’t only work with your skin, hair and nails. But they actually work to help your body remain fit for longer and better.

Low In Price, High In Efficacy

This Protein shake is available in a very convenient packing of 453 grams and is as good as many other expensive meal replacement shakes. Those promise to provide you great help in almost double charges. Yes, the good thing in this jar is It will not cost you an arm and a leg, it’s quite reasonable in price and efficacy. It will help you to get beautiful skin from outside and when it comes to inside it will look after your bone health. It will boost your energy and metabolism, it is great for your muscles and provides you a great digestive system. That is necessary to boost your immune system and keep you healthy.

Beautiful Inside, Out

The ideology behind this protein and vitamin shake is extremely beneficial for overall health. They are not only working to provide you with some essential proteins and vitamins to look beautiful exteriorly or get slim. But it’s working in all dimensions from inside and outside.

From your skin to your immune system, everything is going to work great with the help of this magical protein vitamin shake. It’s magical as not only working inside but outside as well. You will love yourself by being healthy and beautiful. Now make your skin glow and all your internal organs healthy with this Protein Shake.

No Harmful Substance Included

When looking for a healthy meal replacement shake we always recommend that it should be free from artificial flavors. As they make things delicious to drink but not keep them as healthy as they should be.

So this product has a quality of being tested and tried by lots of authenticated tests. Moreover, it’s free from any of such contaminated and artificial flavors that will just give a boost to its yummy taste but will not provide it the required efficacy.

Great Taste & Scientifically Approved

The research and development team of nature’s bounty is actually exceptional; they are working on each and every ingredient. Its taste and its blending with healthy ingredients, this is going to be your first choice ever in your meal replacement shakes.  

Nutritional Facts

Now let’s have a look at its nutritional facts when it comes to calories per serving you are not going to get more than 110 calories. That is quite on a safer side when it comes to weight loss. But keep in mind it’s not totally free from fat as it has 3 grams of fat out of which 1 gram is saturated means good fat. You are going to get 10 grams of carbohydrates per serving, dietary fiber is also nice with 6 grams per serving. 

Per serving it will contain 2 grams of sugar, per serving you’ll get a high boost of protein with 15 grams of protein per serving. Furthermore, it is loaded with vitamin c, vitamin D, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin b6, folic acid, vitamin B12, biotin, and Pantothenic acid. More to that it has calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, and potassium.

Not Recommended For Weight Loss & Diabetes

OH My God, it’s actually a powerhouse in a single serving. But I don’t recommend it for those who are looking to have weight loss with meal replacement shakes. Moreover, if they have any health issues like diabetes or heart problems or high blood pressure this meal replacement shake is not recommended.

Best meal replacement shakes for men your perfect protein and vitamin shake by ideal shape

Low In Sugar & Low In Fat

When you are a bit health conscious to lose some weight but still don’t deprive your body of all the essential requirements like sugar and fat. This one is a good choice for you with low fat and low sugar.

Low Cal & High Nutrition

This one is creamy and smoother in texture and guess what you are not going to take more than 110 to 120 calories in a single go. It’s not loaded with sugar but one serving contains 2 grams of sugar which are not too high and not too low. This protein powder is definitely what you need.

Best Gym Partner

If you are a gym freak and working on your physique believe me this one is for you. Because only one serving of this tasty and amazing shake is not only going to help you to burn your fat. But after working out, it is also going to help you to lean muscle mass as well. So with the blend of some good exercises and this meal replacement shake, Oh my God you are going to get those six abs which you are trying to obtain for long.

Fulfill Your Body Needs

I recommend this meal replacement shake best for man as it has a very good amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs, and fats. That is actually best to maintain a balanced diet and fulfill all the dietary needs in a single go. Definitely, when you are trying to shape up your body and doing extra efforts for that, your body needs extra nutrients.

But mostly what we do is, we quit many foods which we think are not good for weight loss. But when men are spending more time in the gym doing heavy exercise and depriving the body of some essential nutrients. It is actually better to take some energy drinks that not only boost their metabolism but also provide them all the required and desired nutrients.

Easy To Prepare, Best To Boost Energy

This might be your easiest replacement shake that you can prepare in no more than two minutes. You can add any of your favorite ingredients to satisfy your hunger and make it more nutritious. If you like milk, Greek yogurt, or simple yogurt or even simple water in any of these it’s going to taste fab.

If you are replacing one or two meals a day with this shake even then you are going to get a great nutrition alternative. But I always prescribed don’t replace all the meals, at least take one proportionate and healthy meal so your stomach gets something real as well. But if you are replacing one or two meals with this shake. Don’t worry it is full of proteins, required carbs, and even fibers so don’t wait just go and grab a shake.

Good Side Of Using Meal Replacement Drinks

Many people ask me the reason for switching to meal replacement shakes instead of full meals. Like all the things in the world, these replacement shakes do have some pros and cons. But here I will start with a few which show the good side of opting these shakes as a meal replacement.

No For Fast Food, Yes To Healthy MealReplacement Shakes

When it comes to the whole meal versus meal replacement shakes, I suggest meals are a better option. But when you opt for the option of replacing your meal with some unhealthy fast food then definitely meal replacement shakes are the better option than fast food.

Because instead of having some fries loaded with oil or a hamburger. I suggest a carefully picked up and nutritious shake loaded with vitamins minerals fibers and proteins is better.Instead of those processed foods that are loaded with heaps of saturated and trans fats my vote goes with Healthy Shakes.

Don’t Starve Have A Meal Replacement Shake For Weight Loss 

Losing weight and getting slim is actually the trend of the day. Mostly to achieve the weight loss targets people start to starve their bodies which leads to injurious effects. As when your body goes in starvation mode instead of losing weight there are higher possibilities that you gain weight. As the body starts saving the food deposits in the form of fats and you start looking fatter and weaker.

Moreover, starvation tends to lower metabolic rates which ultimately leads you to weight gain instead of weight loss. Instead of starvation, plan meals in a wiser way. If you don’t have time for counting your calories and planning a healthy meal, meal replacement shakes for weight loss are your ultimate solution. Get a loaded meal replacement shake with high nutrient levels and low carbohydrates and fats. In this way, your body will get healthy food to maintain and to fulfill its calorie requirements. Moreover, will boost your metabolism that will help your body to work less and consume more.

Easy To Prepare Easy To Count Calories

Unlike your usual moderate calorie meal, these meal replacement shakes don’t take much time in preparation. Moreover, you can be very accurate in your calorie count. Because these shakes either you are getting them pre-prepared or mixing them in water and milk to enjoy your drink. In both cases, you can be exact and absolute in your calorie count, and still, your preparation time is either nil or low.

Best Office Meals

In today’s busy world most of the people are working 24/7 they don’t have enough time to prepare meals, especially in their office timings. Busy in your meetings and grabbing fast food to fulfill your hunger? These meal replacement shakes are a very good option for such people who want to lose weight, remain healthy, and don’t have time for both.

Meal replacement shakes will give a quick boost to your energy levels, providing you all the nutrients that you may lack even in your normal home-cooked meals. Still don’t take much time so yes there is a big yes for these meal replacement shakes with all busy health freaks. 

Healthy Option To Lose Quick Weight 

When you are trying to lose weight easily these meal replacement shakes are an easy click. As while taking these shakes, you can exactly monitor your calories. Moreover, when your calories are deficient then your requirement you can easily lose weight. Meal replacement shakes are a healthy way to lose weight as you are cutting calories, not the essential vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

Down Sides Of Meal Replacement Shakes

Now let’s count some downsides of these meal replacement shakes that are trending high among so lazy or busy health freaks …

Well, these alternatives are not always ideal to opt for a healthy diet replacement, for instance, those meal replacement shakes which contain high doses of sugar, preservatives, and extra flavorings are not a good choice.

Even these replacements can be highly dangerous! For example, if you choose a shake with high sugar doses for diabetic patients it can be lethal. Moreover, if you choose a meal replacement shake that is rich in sodium can be highly dangerous too. So be vigilant while selecting any of your meal replacement shakes it can be a disaster.

Most of the time we are not eating to fulfill our hunger but we take a meal that is our heart’s delight. It is studied that in some cases people take 1 or 2 times replacement shakes in a day and the third meal in the day takes it full of carbs, junk food.

In such conditions where you are not monitoring your calorie count and taking the meal replacement shakes as an extra. Instead of losing weight, in fact, can lead you to more weight gain. So with bad eating habits, you are expected to have bad outcomes.

If you are thinking that these meal replacement shakes are going to be inexpensive. Keep in mind that they are going to cost you no less than a small dine out. Especially when you are looking for really good and effective replacement shakes for weight loss.

If you are replacing one or two meals with these shakes it doesn’t mean that you will follow that throughout your life. As you want to want change in your everyday meal you will wish the same with your replacement shakes. So they can be good for 4 to 5 months or even a year but you can’t have them for the whole life. So sooner or later you need to quit them. But yes while you are trying to lose weight or want to control diabetic levels you can add them in your diet.


In this article, I hope you are delivered with your desired and required information about the latest fitness trend “Meal Replacement shakes”. You need to choose one that suits you most, you can select one from the proposed list. Or the buyer’s guide is giving all the clear instructions that will help you to judge one according to your needs. But Skipping Meals Or Replacing meals with junk food is a bad idea for health don’t go for that… Best Of Luck And Wish you a healthy life and healthy eating habits!

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