How To Use t3 Supplement For Weight Loss

Nowadays body shaming is kind of official, so body shaping in a deep passion. People are ready to pay any kind of money, time and resources to get in shape. So many kinds of diet plans and those who want to pay least stress and get the best results. Try to look for weight loss  supplements.

T3 is one of the hot selling supplements for weight loss. But how to use the t3 supplement for weight loss is kind of a tricky question. And for that you need to make clear that actually what is t3 supplement for weight loss.

What is t3?

Triiodothyronine is a hormone that is actually produced by the thyroid gland along with t4.that hormone has a severe impact on metabolic rate, body temperature, its growth and development and even on heart rate. 

T3 hormone is directly related to metabolic rate or you can say in a way to weight loss. As the thyroid hormones are the only kind of hormones those can absorb iodine. When t3 and t4 are released in the body they run in your bloodstream they are fully responsible to handle your body’s metabolic rate.

So now when you know what exactly t3 is, let’s jump to the important part,  whether you should use t3 for weight loss or not. Moreover, t3 weight loss dosage is also very important, wrong use can lead to severe side effects.

How to take any t3 supplement for weight loss?

If right medication being taken in the wrong way can be disastrous instead of being beneficial. The same is the case with t3 supplements for weight loss.

If you are taking them under any medical supervision. The expert will definitely tell you the right dosage according to weight and requirement. Mostly the prescribed dosage ranges from 40 mcg two 150 mcg and that is the daily dose.

Instead of taking the whole dose at a time it is better to break it in intervals you can divide it in 3 doses each after every 8 hour. Right timing to take a dose is highly proportionate to its efficacy. When you take the supplement after fasting the results are different. And when you take it during meals it has a different impact on your metabolic rate.

Mistakes Those Can Affect Your t3 Weight Loss Results

t3 supplement for weight loss

Be Patient:

Don’t hurry for results ! all the treatments do need time to show results. Moreover the duration of results also differs from person to person as few visible results of t3 supplement are observed in one or two weeks. A few get very energetic in less time, whereas others can take more than one month or two to experience desired results. Moreover you may have to ask your expert to monitor the dosses until they work well for you.

Supplement taking Timings

Another general mistake is the wrong timing of taking t3 supplement.. At times people are not very concerned about taking the supplement on a particular time. But that can go really wrong. You need to serve yourself with a t3 supplement on an empty stomach. Moreover, don’t take the supplement instantly after dinner but wait for 2 to 3 hours to make it more effective. It is proven from several researches that the t3 and t4 absorption in your body can differ from 64 to 80 percent depending on timing.

Supplement Storage

Another important factor that can cause an impact on the efficacy of t3 supplement for weight loss is its wrong place storage.. If you are using this supplement to increase your metabolic rate and boost your fat burning capacity. you need to keep it in favourable surroundings.

If you have placed your supplement on such places which have a humid environment or are not cool and dry. Or have bright light interference to the supplement, definitely the results are going to be less impressive. Instead of those who kept t3 away from heat in favourable circumstances. Keep in mind that any place near a bright window or near your bathroom can be a wrong place for t3 supplement.


Keep in mind that accurate dosing of t3 is necessary otherwise counter side effects like hyperthyroidism can occur.

T3 Weight Loss Success Stories: Reality Or Myth?

While trying any of the weight loss missions keep in mind that you need to properly investigate whether it’s real or just a hype. So here I summed up a few results presented by the consumers that are already using the supplements. Or have either quit it after trying, so let’s check some real reviews that will help you to assess whether it’s worth a try or not.

Note: We will not reveal the real identity of the person but will tell you the real reviews and the experiences they share.

.A young lady of 30 years stated about her T3 weight loss results after using it in following words:

“This product is good for thyroid stimulation, I noticed a brilliant change after one to two days of use. I was glad that I woke up real hungry. But I had to control my hunger with deep determination and if I couldn’t, I can see that  the whole process would get ruined. My husband told me that he observed one more positive change and that was the clearer back skin. Moreover, my cholesterol is also under control. So I got this additional health benefit, I didn’t reduce my eating but it increased my hunger. and I need to control myself on that.”

A forty plus man shared his experience in following words :

“T3 supplement is great and it brings great positive change in my life. After using these for years I am a bit on my cycling phase and switching its use on and off but the great thing is whenever i used t3 supplement it never let me down. I am so happy that it always provides me with desired results. If you want to amp up your metabolism without any jitters. My thyroid levels were always upset but since i am taking these the tests went to normal ratio. So my metabolism is fast and my calorie burning is extreme.”

Another old man who just crossed his late fifties when tried this supplement had following comments

“I did not find it any helpful! on the contrary I was feeling so hungry that I was actually eating double. I was afraid that if I eat with the same frequency I will definitely put on weight instead of losing it. Moreover, the worst part was dealing with my sweet tooth. It was getting mad. I tried it for less than a week and that was enough for me to understand that it can be problematic to me.”

 An 18 year girl narrated her experience in the following words:

“I am a bit confused about its t3 supplement results. but as it is a hot selling thing  I think I need to give it one more shot. I used it for a week and I think that was too impatient of me to quit it so soon. Because now when I recall I realize that it isn’t an effective product in the way that it was working on my appetite. Moreover it is quite an active stim thing I think I will give it one more dedicated try and it deserves that.

Another lady who use this product last May said not losing weight on t3:

“I don’t know about others because my friends were very positive about t3 supplements for weight loss results. But when it comes to my personal opinion I didn’t find it very effective. Because my friends told me that they feel really high energy levels in the body. Moreover, now they can do more activities which they were not able to do in previous months.

“But when it came to me, my energy level was the same. I was as dull and lazy as ever. Furthermore I didn’t find it making any grand change in my appetite. it was not at all curbed and was in routine. Yes of course my weight was also the same. I didn’t experience any weight loss. Or any mood change or any better energy levels so for me it didn’t work it all. I don’t say that others are lying. But now I have realized that this thing has a different impact on different persons. In my case for some particular reasons it was a failure.”

An office going young lady commented:

“I was curious to lose weight before my annual dinner. So I took this way out to encourage myself to easily lose the first few pounds. So I can see they worked on purpose. It actually did what the packaging was boosting about it; it was all real. Yes of course I was controlling my food as well but the weight loss was real fast.

As my target was very close I needed to lose weight faster. So I added up some gym and exercising as well. But after my annual dinner I will keep losing weight only with having this t3 supplement and without doing any exercises. I will buy a few more doses because definitely who would not like to be a little lower than her BMI.I found it safe for health as well”

As always to present you with the naked truth we always dig a little deeper so you can get the real and true opinion. After evaluating all the reviews and opinions and having face to face meetings.Furthermore, at the end with personal experience. I would like to conclude that using t3 supplements for weight loss are effective. But yes exceptions do exist and a few don’t get effective results as they are expected. But when I rooted out the problem why all are not getting equal results. I found out that there are certain flaws in their supplement taking time. Or in the storage or they are not tackling their hunger. One more thing that was kind of a key to success or key point was that. Until and unless its dose is decided and prescribed by a professional or an expert. You may can’t reach the real limit, which is going to be an effective value. So always before using any supplement make sure that you know the proper usage instructions. And it is prescribed to you by some expert instead of with any personal friend request.

What are the cytomel t3 weight loss results?

About cytomel t3 weight loss results different people have different views. For few it was very effective. It not only helped them to lose weight but also managed their high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Improved their sleeping quality and provided them with quality life.

Besides weight loss cytomel t3 supplement helped depression patients as well. It is also effective in improving the mental capacities of patients. In few cases on average a patient reported with one month use of cytomel t3 he lost 14 pounds of weight. That was quite considerable a few women suffering from PCOS or having irregular period schedules also positive results with cytomel. 

The only side effect which came into my knowledge was caused by taking magnesium while taking the supplement. So magnesium should be avoided until and unless prescribed by the doctor. Don’t forget  to tell him that you’re already taking cytomel.

What is the best thyroid medication for weight loss?

It is a proven fact that in addition to exercise routine and diet plan. If t3 supplements or any other thyroid medication is added it makes your weight loss regime more effective and faster. As mostly thyroid medication contain t3 and t4 and these thyroid hormones are responsible for boosting metabolic rates. So your body cells will be promoted to consume more body fat than usual.

How to decide t3 weight loss dosage?

When you are about to decide your t3 dosage you need to consult your doctor or expert. The recommended dosage mostly varies from 40 to 150 mcg and all that dose should be distributed in doses per day. Moreover, taking it on an empty stomach makes it more effective.

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